Wide-Eyed by T. Mann

“Thank you for the amazing ‘in memory of John Peel show’ and the endless inspiration it provides each time.”


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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
1:46 Portapak Storm Bugs Certified Original And Vintage Fakes Snatch Tapes @SnatchTapes 2017
4:50 Wer werom komme Zea @zeamusic Witst noch dat d’r neat wie Makkum Records/Subroutine Records @subroutinerecs 2021
2:37 Maggie To Sip Chiedu Oraka @orakald – single – https://chieduoraka.bandcamp.com/ 2021
4:14 Life’s Eye Jerome LP2 Maple Death Records @mapledeath 2021
4:12 Walking Toward Winter Circuit des Yeux @CircuitdesYeux -io Rough Trade @RoughTrade 2021
5:11 A1 Dirk Serries RMX thisquietarmy X N Zerstoeren Midira Records f@midirarecords 2021
7:56 Space is the Place Bitchin Bajas Switched on Ra Drag City @dragcityrecords 2021
8:58 Ivy Richard Dawson & Circle @richarddawson12 @circlefinland Henki Weird World @WeirdWorldRecs @Dominorecordco 2021
3:39 Being John Thayer Supermundane Moon Villain 2021
4:51 Prayer Leith Ross @leithrossbot Motherwell Easy Clearance – Birthday Cake Media @birthdaycakemedia 2020
1:52 Deep Cut Josienne Clarke @josienneclarke A Small Unknowable Thing Corduroy Punk 2021
2:27 How Does The Story Go? Sprints @sprintsmusic – Single – Nice Swan Recordings @NiceSwanRecords 2021
8:34 Cabin Matthew J. Rolin @MatthewJRolin Ones https://matthewjrolin.bandcamp.com 2021
7:22 An ode to Robbie Basho Blake Hornsby Dogwood Dance Ramble Records f@Ramble-Records 2021
18:34 01 Weft David Watson and Matthew Welch Woven Room40 @room40speaks 2021

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