Profile by S. Pearce

“Every week you come up with something new and great – it’s the highlight of most weekends”


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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:43 Tory Water Swine Tax @SwineTax Kestrel of Sticking Dreams 2021
3:47 Throw Your Dreams Away Modern Stars Psychindustrial Miacameretta Records 2021
3:49 Telegram 2 Vera Ellen i@veraellen_ It’s Your Birthday Flying Nun Records @FlyingNun 2021
3:44 Bring the Dead Public Speaking @pubspeak Songs Need Friends 2021
4:31 Broke Again Not A Citizen 13189 Some Other Planet Records 2021
3:31 Brother Dave Okumu @dave_okumu_ Knopperz Transgressive @transgressiveHQ 2021
4:01 Letting Go Dana Gavanski @DanaGavanski – Single – Flemish Eye @Flemisheye 2021
5:26 Kindred (Learn the Name She Sang) Kodax Strophes_Martyn Bates Post-War Baby Hive-Arc 2021
5:02 untitled dave phillips voice Misanthropic Agenda @GerrittWittmer 2014
2:59 Nice Coat, Nice Clothes K-Dog She Miss Me Heart n Soul @HeartnSoulArt 2021
4:46 Mysterious Flaws In The House We Built Ourselves Jay & Yuta Condemned Compilations Research Records @ResearchRecords 2020
3:08 You Need A Better Mind Beauty Pill @beautypill Instant Night Northern Spy Records @northernspyrecs 2021
1:28 Heavy Headed Time SPLLIT Spllit Sides Feel It Records @FeelItRecordshop 2021
13:41 Keys to Creation Irreversible Entanglements Open The Gates International Anthem @intlanthem 2021
11:54 Occhi Di Serpente (Tropicantesimo RMX) WOW Falene Maple Death Records @mapledeath 2021
27:21 Kali Ma Rama Lama Fi Fo Fi Fum the Man from Atlantis and the Moon of Deliverance @atlantisman71 Kali Ma Rama Lama Fi Fo Fi Fum Ramble Records f@Ramble-Records 2020

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