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“Two thirds of the music I’ve bought in the last few years was first heard on your show…”

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:42 LIKE LIKE LIKE SPOTIFY TWAT VERSION Fat Earthers @fatearthersband – Single – 2020
4:34 The Joke Lizzie Loveless You Don’t Know Egghunt Records @egghuntrecords 2021
3:56 Dreams Turn Into Rainbows Twink Ashford International Gare Du Nord Records @GareDuNordUK 2021
3:54 Model Village ft. Slowthai @slowthai Idles @idlesband – single – Partisan @partisanrecords 2021
5:31 Feel Nothing ft. Sleaford Mods @SleafordMods Amen Dunes @amendunes Feel Nothing Sub Pop @subpop 2021
13:27 Je cours après avant Grand Veymont Grand Veymont Moon Glyph @moonglyph 2021
7:13 Copper and Zinc Baad Acid @Baad_Acid – Single – 2021
5:28 The Future Hides Its face MAN BANQUET – UNDERGROUND SOUNDS OF 1969 CD ONE Esoteric Recordings @cherryred 2021
2:05 UNISIL Sophie -single – Numbers @numbers 2021
4:26 Mucky Brass The Ergo Phizmiz Brass Band @ergophizmizplc Concentrate on the Brass 2021
3:06 Dovetail Mathew Rolin Inside the Outside…Experimentations in American Primitive Guitar Ramble Records f@Ramble-Records 2021
5:04 Bra Joe From Kilimanjaro Gary Lucas The Essential Gary Lucas Knitting Factory @KnittingFactory 2021
10:03 The Long Goodbye Ceramic Dog @Ceramic_Dog Hope Northern Spy Records @northernspyrecs 2021
11:34 Engulfed in Flames Man From Atlantis @atlantisman71 Volume 1. Ramble Records f@Ramble-Records 2021

Anna Karina

“!Sensational flow takes us through folk, grime, ancient Iranian fusion and big ballads!” >>>> Join the resistance to big corporate music – back this show on patreon

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(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the latest playlist:
“From Norway to Chile to S. Africa and on… a tour of styles as well countries”

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
6:12 COLLECTIVISE JD Meatyard @meatyard_jd Collectivise Bandcamp 2017
4:29 ATAXIA_B1 Rian Treanor @RianTreanor ATAXIA PLANÈT Mu @Planetmurecords 2019
3:57 Welcome To London (Radio Edit) Flowdan @BigFlowdan Tru Thoughts 2019 2019
3:08 Nothing Great About Britain slowthai @slowthai Nothing Great About Britain Method 2019
4:01 09 9 ? ?? ??? ???? ?????? MSYLMA Dhil-un Taht Shajarat Al-Zaqum Halcyon Veil @HalcyonVeil 2019
7:15 Pseudo Scholastic Sote @sotesound Parallel Persia Diagonal Records @DiagonalRecords 2019
2:51 01 Sketch Artist Kim Gordon @KimletGordon No Home Record Matador Records @matadorrecords 2019
4:59 05 The Barrel Aldous Harding @AldousHarding Designer 4AD @4AD_Official 2019
7:11 08 Hunting the Wren Lankum @LankumDublin The Livelong Day Rough Trade @RoughTrade ? 2019
5:22 Meatraffle On The Moon Meatraffle @meatraffle1917 BASTARD MUSIC Delayed Records @delayed_records 2019
2:58 Natalie Vendredi Modesty Blaise @modestyblaiseuk – Single – From Lo-Fi To Disco! @woogriots 2019