Meemo Comma

“This radio show is always a fantastically diverse listen – great stuff”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:35 Throne Gazelle Twin & NYX @gazelletwin @nyx_edc Deep England 2021
3:28 Morphover & Curl Philip Sanderson Not Even My Closest Friends Snatch Tapes @SnatchTapes 2021
3:02 Eco de Un Duo Odio Patria y Ruido G89 Records @G89Records 2021
7:18 ‘The Struggle’ Floorplan (Robert & Lyric Hood @lyric_hood) – Single – 2020
4:21 Tif’eret Meemo Comma @meemocomma Neon Genesis: Soul Into Matter2 PLANÈT Mu @Planetmurecords 2021
5:02 Lagrimas Las Lloronas ‘S O A K E D’ 2020
4:21 Strange Fruit Bark @barkcollective Relics EP 2020
3:48 One Wish Josefine Cronholm & Kirk Knuffke & Thommy Andersson Near the Pond The Orchard @orchtweets 2021
6:45 Face Mixed With Phone Anat Ben David The Promise of Meat 2021
3:50 Young Lies ft Damon Albarn @DamonAlbarn Poté f@poteofficial A Tenuous Tale Of Her Outlier @si_bonobo 2021
2:28 Treasury Of Puppies Treasury Of Puppies Treasury Of Puppies ever/never @ever_never_recs 2021
2:51 Who Am I Danielle de Picciotto @DPicciotto The Element of Love Broken Clover Records 2020
5:58 Fire at Static Valley Godspeed You! Black Emperor G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! Constellation Records @cstrecords 2021
17:28 Blue Ocean 0 Daniel Bachman Axacan Three Lobed Recordings @3lobed 2021
23:20 Where Is It? Where Is The Black Beast? Howling Beast Starved to Perfection Wormhole World @WormholeWorld 2021

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