Jane Fonda

“keep doing this essential work”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:04 Gotta See Jane R. Dean Taylor 1968
4:53 Last Letter to Jayne ft. Lee Ranaldo Alessandro Baris Sintesi alessandrobaris.bandcamp.com 2021
5:35 Syphillus Ono @Ono1980O Red Summer American Dreams @AmerDreams 2020
2:45 Peckish Slagheap @slagheapband – Single – slagheapband.bandcamp.com 2021
2:50 An Island Lithics @lithicsband Tower of Age Trouble In Mind @trouble_in_mind 2020
5:35 Take Me Somewhere Simona Zamboli @ZamboliSimona Ethernity Mille Plateaux @milleplateaux1 2021
2:19 Epigram V Passepartout Duo @passepartoutduo Epigrams passepartoutduo.bandcamp.com 2021
3:13 Shan Ge (China) Yang Chun Jin And Yang Bao Cheng #China MIEN (YAO) – Cannon Singing in China, Vietnam, Laos Sublime Frequencies @SublimeFreq 2021
3:16 Urge Wendy Eisenberg @eisenbergsounds Auto Ba Da Bing! @badabingrecords 2020
4:32 I am Kevin Ayers a/lpaca WWNBB#112 – Make it Better We Were Never Being Boring @WWNBBcollective 2021
3:52 VCR Melby @melbyband None of this makes me worry Rama Lama Records @ramalamarec 2020
9:26 04 Part IV Ringhof Ballad For Heavy Lids Midira Records 2021
0:43 09 Music Duo Odio Patria y Ruido G89 Records @G89Records 2021
3:19 Moon & Stars Tapes & Tubes @tapesandtubes Songbook TQN-aut @tarquinwood23 2021
2:36 Wandering Eyes Tapes & Tubes @tapesandtubes Songbook TQN-aut @tarquinwood23 2021
11:46 A Sea of Tents Mark Trecka @MTrecka Acknowledgement Whited Sepulchre Records 2021

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