Wendy Carlos

“You don’t know what’s coming next, and you might not like it but it’ll delivery you an essential discovery”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:37 Silver Machine Hawkwind Beyond The Pale Horizon: The British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1972 Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2021
6:43 Clubber Godspeed You! Peter Andre MAS O MENOS RECORDS @masomenosmcr 2020
4:54 Al Manafi ???????? (The Land of the Exiles) Natik Awayez Manbarani Sublime Frequencies @SublimeFreq 2021
1:45 Pyramid Scheme The Shifters Have A Cunning Plan https://theshiftersofmelbourne.bandcamp.com/ 2018
4:20 Hitch-raping One Arm @onearmmusic Mysore Pak Atypeek Muzik 2021
4:07 Desire Is A Mess I LIKE TRAINS @iLiKETRAiNS KOMPROMAT music.iliketrains.co.uk 2020
5:33 Implosion-Explosion Colleen The Tunnel and the Clearing Thrill Jockey @thrilljockey 2021
3:02 Two Magicians The Magpies @magpiesmusicuk Tidings http://www.themagpiesmusic.com 2020
2:32 Sea Change Allysen Callery @Allysencallery Ghost Folk allysencallery.bandcamp.com @fruk 2020
6:49 The Epic (feat. Stanton Moore, Charlie Hunter, & Skerik) Garage A Trois @GarageaTrios Calm Down Cologne Royal Potato Family @royalpotato 2021
4:55 C_est caché Maraudeur „Puissance 4“ maraudeur.bandcamp.com 2021
2:50 Cintia on Fritz Gryphon Rue & Merche Blasco North of the Future Astral Editions @astspiritsrec 2021
1:55 Dawn Facet with Tyshawn Sorey Hafez Modirzadeh Facets Pi Recordings @PiRecordings 2021
1:00:17 8kbps, 11025Hz Lijnenspel Info 1 – Compression lijnenspel.bandcamp.com 2020

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