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Kelly Dance

“happy and proud being able to support your show! It‘s still great inspiration for me!!”


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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:56 GLOBAL APARTHEID C.Wyne Nalukalala @cwynenalukalala – Single – 2021
5:02 Energy Plan The Umlauts Ü EP Prah Recordings @PRAHRecordings 2020
2:27 Typing Pozi @poziband Typing EP Prah Recordings @PRAHRecordings 2021
3:37 War on Instruments Kelly Dance The Yips Broken Stone Records @brokenstonerecs 2021
4:09 Two Birds Mikado Koko @mikadokoko Maza Guzu Akuphone @Aku_Officiel 2021
7:49 HAUNTED TRAILS Melkbelly @melkbelly – Single – 2021
3:05 Myotis Anthony Laguerre – Live – 2021
5:51 All For The Pocket ft. Nelson Dialect @nelsondialect Alexander Flood The Space Between Ropeadope / Stretch Music @ropeadope 2022
4:31 Graffiti Busters B. Dolan, Buddy Peace @BDolanSFR @Buddy_Peace Kill The Wolf Remix LP 2021
7:14 Intrigue Senior Citizen X Tim Walker What Was That Backward Music @backwardmusic 2021
2:24 La Belle Dame My Jazzy Child @myjazzychild Innéisme Akuphone @Aku_Officiel 2021
2:48 Blueprint simonewhite @simonewhite – single – https://simonewhite1.bandcamp 2020
12:07 In Memoriam Robert Ashley Le GGRIL SOMMES Circum-Disc @circummusic 2021
8:07 A Casa Vitor Joaquim @vitorjoaquim Quietude 2021
10:54 Communion Alexandra Spence V.A. Touch Dragon’s Eye Recordings @dragonseyerec 2021
9:54 Soùmatra Çahk Akuphone @Aku_Officiel 2020