Cinder Well & Jim Ghedi @cinder_well @JGhedi

“A fantastic musical journey every show”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
4:10 Ikeru K.Board & The Skreens Langue – EP Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2021
5:36 Lingers Hannah Yeun @HannahYeun Heavenly Sister [Reissue] Perpetual Doom @PerpetualDoom 2022
3:27 Kwietnik Trupa Trupa @trupatrupaband B FLAT A Glitterbeat @Glitterbeat_Rec 2022
4:58 I am a Youth Cinder Well & Jim Ghedi @cinder_well @JGhedi – Single – Free Dirt Records @freedirtrecords 2022
3:22 Nomoon The Silver Field @thesilverfield Betwixt & Between 8 Betwixt and Between Tapes 2022
8:35 ? Aker Zaman Drop by IZ Band Old Heaven Books @Oldheavenbooks 2021
2:15 Fit As a Messerschmitt Flyscreen Only Dirty People Wash This Could Prove Fatal 2020
5:56 Sophia Can’t Walk Obey Cobra Oblong Box Records @_boxrecords 2021
5:14 Escalera Mekons @TheMekons Exquisite Glitterbeat @Glitterbeat_Rec 2022
2:56 The Writer Meskerem Mees @meskeremmees Julius Mayway Records @MaywayR 2021
3:59 Mi País es una Idea Michelle Blades Nocturnes (Album des 10 ans de Midnight Special Records) Midnight Special @MidnightSpecRec 2021
2:11 Woozy Party Ergo Phizmiz (PLC) @ergophizmizplc Infinite Limits: A Generative Music Compilation Mubert @mubertapp 2022
7:42 Air Turbulences Lee Yi Hayví Midira Records f@midirarecords 2022
8:15 01 Delusion Panoptique Electrical Picturesque Ruins Midira Records f@midirarecords 2022
14:04 Forest Spirit Simon Grab + Francesco Giudici @simon_grab [No] Surrender -OUS @ous_ooo 2021

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