Kevin Coyne

“Not your normal piss weak indie or trying to be weird but not really weird at all stuff ,so enamoured by many”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:55 Scratching at the Lid Piroshka @piroshkaband Love Drips & Gathers Bella Union @bellaunion 2021
3:15 Twywys Maraudeur f@Maraudeur9 „Puissance 4“ Maternal Voice @MaternalVoice 2021
3:52 Finger Pies Anika @anikainvada – Single – Sacred Bones @SacredBones 2021
5:09 CHICHOVITE KONYE Ivan Shopov & Avigeya @coohmusic @AvigeyaBulgaria Kanatitsa Etheraudio Records @etheraudiorecords 2017
5:11 Stalls Lisel + Booker Stardrum @_lisel_00 Mycelial Echo Luminelle Records @luminellerecs 2021
2:33 Imaginary Friends Boy Eats Drum Machine @JonRagel Album of The Year 2021
3:43 You Look Nice ft. Scorzayzee Tom Caruana @TomCaruana Brewing Up Tes Sea Records @teaseacaruana 2021
3:17 Extraños Juegos Meridian Brothers @meridianbrother FUTUR ANTÉRIEUR: Bongo Joe 5 Years Les Disques Bongo @BongoJoeRecords 2021
4:28 Adounya Samba Touré @SambaToureMusic Binga Glitterbeat @Glitterbeat_Rec 2021
3:50 All Or Nothing Gina ÉTÉ f@ginaete “Erased By Thought” Motor Music @MotorEntertain 2021
4:07 All Rhodes lead to Nowhere ft. Lara Jones @larr95 gnaarf Gray Lines & Black Signs 2021
4:29 Lament The Conspiracy Apple Zapple Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2020
3:53 God Bless the Bride Kevin Coyne Beyond The Pale Horizon: The British Progressive Pop Sounds of 1972 Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2021
10:13 The Promise Of Meat Anat Ben David & Anna Dennis f:@AnatBenDavidpage The Promise of Meat 2021
9:46 The Strange Galaxy Pengboon Don (Thailand) Walk My Way – Volume Five Orbit577 @577Records 2021
13:20 Part 1 (ii) – The Poor Traits of the Artist Sam Fendrich The Changing of the Avant Garde Linear Obsessional @Richard_Linear 2021

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