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Visible from satellite

“This has to one of the best shows to emerge since Peel’s death… essential to anyone who seeks great music out of the mainstream”

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:18 Leg Stomper One More Grain Swirling In The Backyard – Volume 2 / Sulawesi 2021
5:31 Taking the Wheel Joshua Burnside@JoshuaBurnside & Laura Quirke @LauraQuirke_ In The Half-Light 2021
6:18 Joan Carga Trilitraté Está de Grelo Ropeadope Records @ropeadope 2021
3:29 Mist :: Missed Mourning [A] BLKstar @MABScle The Cycle Don Giovanni @DonGiovanniRecs 2020
5:43 There’s Lots of Light Leaking All Over VARIÁT I Can See Everything From Here Prostir @Prostirart 2021
9:06 like gasoline Rdeca Raketa @RdecaRaketa …and cannot reach the silence Ventil Records 2021
4:33 Sand Witches Anika @anikainvada Change Sacred Bones @SacredBones 2021
4:12 Good Thing Maple Glider @mapleglider To Enjoy Is The Only Thing Partisan Records @partisanrecords 2021
3:56 a scene – merevees maarja nuut @MaarjaNuut hinged 2021
3:47 Never Ready Richard Youngs @nofansrecords Holograph Glass Modern @glassmodern1 2021
1:51 Embarazada Maraudeur f@Maraudeur9 „Puissance 4“ Maternal Voice @MaternalVoice 2021
12:29 Highlander Tomasz Sroczynski Symphony n°2 / Highlander Ici d’ailleurs @icidailleurs 2021
5:04 Unreflected Sarah Neufeld @sarahkneufeld Detritus Paper Bag @PaperBagRecords 2021
39:07 Persistance et changement Grand Veymont @grandveymont Persistance et changement Moon Glyph @moonglyph 2021