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“You can imagine you’re anywhere during this show, it is so ecelectic, at a festival, in a club, on the beach, in the wild, doing dishes…”

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:15 M.A.T.  Nomos 751 “M.A.T.” EP Slovenly Recordings @SlovenlyRecs 2021
4:42 Peak Independence P.A. Hülsenbeck @Sizarr & Michael Schönheit @Gewandhaus Reaping From The Conflux Altin Village & Mine Records @AltinVillage 2020
4:08 Leith Tornn Carnal Proc Fiskal @ProcFiskal Siren Spine Sysex Hyperdub @Hyperdub 2021
9:11 ii Servo Live Le Plancher Fuzz Club @FuzzClub 2021
10:56 Reflection WEEED Do You Fall ? Six Tonnes De Chair Records @6tonnesdechair 2021
3:58 Pesadilla (nightmare) Meridian Brothers @meridianbrother & Conjunto Media Luna Paz En La Tierra Les Disques Bongo @BongoJoeRecords 2021
7:51 The Journey Native Soul Teenage Dreams Awesome Tapes From Africa @awesometapes 2021
3:52 April Robert Farmer John Clare – The Shepherd’s Calendar (2021) 2021
4:01 Spring Molly Linen @molly_linen Days Awake EP Lost Map @LostMap 2021
0:42 DFCS Maximum Ernst @cyanidetooth Perfect Mixer / Matchless Pair ever/never @ever_never_recs 2021
10:48 Var Viktor Orri Árnason Eilífur Pentatone @PENTATONEmusic 2021
13:12 Navigating the Sea of People Curtains in the Corner Walks of Introspection Enough Records @enoughrec 2021
9:50 New York Flower New York United @new_york_united Volume 2 577 Records @577Records 2021

A midweek bounce which includes fabulous music from Iran, Serbia, Scotland and – a first > Indonesia
In Memory of John Peel Show
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(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the playlist

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
1:58 Freddie’s Bounce CUP @cupisaband Jitter Visions Aagoo Records @Aagoo 2018
4:26 RUN Sibille Attar @SibilleAttar Paloma’s Hand EP PNKSLM @pnkslm 2018
4:37 9. Switch Eartheater @alexdrewchin IRISIRI PAN @PAN_hq 2018
3:47 uske pantalone Duboka Ilegala @dubokailegala 0
4:23 Cinnamon Alpha Maid – single – 2017
10:15 The Howls of Wadi-al-Salaam Saint Abdullah @saintabdullahIR Ta Tash Boomarm Nation @BoomarmNation 2018
5:18 Uluk Uluk Potro Joyo Potro Joyo Morphine Records @Morphine_Rec 2017
4:13 Dopamine Proc Fiskal @ProcFiskal Insula Hyperdub @Hyperdub 2018
4:13 Silver Sun Lay Llamas @LayLlamas Thuban Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2018
9:48 Could Deepen Them Are Us Too @themareustoo Amends Dias Records @DaisRecords 2018
1:42 Giant Brain wimps @TheseWimps ? Garbage People Kill Rock Stars @killrockstars 2018