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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:35 The Effect of Tomorrow Roxy Girls @rrroxygirls The Effect of Tomorrow EP Moshi Moshi Records @moshimoshimusic 2020
5:54 A song in German concerning gardens and goodbyes Short-Haired Domestic @shdomestic Short-Haired Domestic F Sharp Productions Ltd. 2020
2:56 Look Listen Part 2 ft Darkos Strife East Man @HiTekSounds Prole Art Threat PLANÈT Mu @Planetmurecords 2020
6:50 Roses Camila Fuchs @HiCamilaFuchs Kids Talk Sun felte @felte_label 2020
3:59 Todo lo demás (remix por Andrés Beeuwsaert ) turucuto @turucuto_ De cables al mundo 2020
4:55 Persiste Cuestiona Como Asesinar a Felipes MMXX Koolarrow Records 2020
4:41 Ndiagneko Nahawa Doumbia Kanawa Awesome Tapes From Africa @awesometapes 2020
3:27 Johnny Swine Tax @SwineTax – single – 2020
4:37 something to whine about life savings the remote Narrominded @Narrominded 2020
3:46 Mary of Silence Nero Kane @nero_kane Tales of Faith and Lunacy Nasoni Records @RecordsNasoni 2020
3:55 Adding Wadding Egone Trainee Executioner Wormhole World @WormholeWorld 2020
4:09 Planet Coronavirus; The Dying Quasar Corticem Planetarium Submarine Broadcasting @SubCastCo 2020
8:06 Händel & Gluck Günter Schlienz Orphée Aux Enfers Moon Glyph @moonglyph 2020
9:56 02 Everything Ascending Snow Palms @snow_palms Land Waves Village Green Recordings @V_G_Recordings 2020
9:25 Pedagogy Quietus Volume Five ever/never @ever_never_recs 2020
15:22 Part IV ft. Carolyn O’Neill @Rasplyn JOHN 3_16 @john316john316 Tempus Edax Rerum Alrealon Musique @Alrealon 2020

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(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the latest playlist

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:10 Mind Your Own Business Automatic 0
3:03 The Machine Maria Usbeck @mariausbeck Envejeciendo (CSN123) Cascine @cascine_ 2019
2:46 violence and domesticity (for Abbas Akhavan) Determinist? violence and domesticity (for Abbas Akhavan) Silber Media @silberspy 2019
4:36 Sunglasses (Radio Edit) Black Country, New Road “Sunglasses” (Single) Speedy Wunderground @SpeedyWunder 2019
4:58 Act II Sentire Bonum De Te Ipso Ergo Phizmiz (PLC) @ergophizmizplc NIBIRU! Bandcamp 2017
5:22 Landscapes The Cold Spells @TheColdSpells Interstitial Bandcamp 2019
4:17 Omen Guilhem Desq Promo 2014
4:46 Tjefouroule Nahawa Doumbia La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 1 Awesome Tapes From Africa @awesometapes 2019
3:08 hard wired Omen Prol Outer Reaches @outerreacheslbl 2019
3:42 Thanatomorphose Isserley @Isserley_OwO Insides Bandcamp 2019
5:20 Candy Pink Sparkle Beige Palace Leg Buzzhowl Records @buzzhowlrecords 2019
5:48 Montag Alexander Tucker @oldfog Guild of the Asbestos Weaver Thrill Jockey @thrilljockey 2019
1:15 “Calamari Coco Butter” Big Stick @bigstickband LP Drag Racing Underground 2019