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“Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal to One Thousand Violins with You Ungrateful Bastard – unmissable journey.” >>>> Join the resistance to corporate formulaic music – back the show on patreon

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
1:58 Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal John Mollusk 0
6:13 Departure Elizabeth Joan Kelly Farewell, Doomed Planet! 2019
3:57 Banana Moth [Eomac remix] A Lily @alilysings Wara Id-Dar Blank Editions @BlankEditions 2019
2:34 A Writhing Jar Bill Orcutt @billorcutt Odds Against Tomorrow Palilalia 2019
2:40 Jubilee Charlie Parr @theCharlieParr – Single – Red House Records @redhousefolk 2019
3:17 Tel Aviv The Shifters The Shifters Future Folklore Records 2019
8:07 Dinner Practice Beige Palace Leg Buzzhowl Records @buzzhowlrecords 2019
5:45 Jame Jam Carl Stone @carlstone Himalaya Unseen Worlds @Unseen_Worlds 2019
5:04 Stones At Niigata Paco Rossique The Visit of the Stranger (2017 -2018) 2019
7:00 Cowpath 40 Wet Tuna Water Weird 2019
2:20 Marimba ESSi Vital Creatures 2019
3:31 You Ungrateful Bastard (Flexi Version) – 1985 One Thousand Violins Dreams To Fill The Vacuum – The Sounds Of Sheffield 1978-1988 (Disc Four) 2019

An intriguing show with profound comparisons at the end before a bonus special track
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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:12 First World Fever ARSE Primitive Species Grupoworld 2017
6:16 Pioneer Bawrut @BawrutSilencio JOMO PETS Recordings @PetsRecordings 2019
4:31 Rumi 1 Miss Information @mihohatori Sequence Pioneer Works @pioneerworks_ 2018
2:02 Melt The Arms Flat Worms – Single – Famous Class Records 2019
5:10 The Dial Squid @squidbanduk – single – Speedy Wunderground @SpeedyWunder 2019
5:54 Good As It Gets Michael Chinworth @mchinworth Three Vapors 2019
2:22 Ghost in the Machine Elizabeth Joan Kelly @ElizabethJelly Music for the DMV 2018
3:29 Tuesday Malibu Ken Malibu Ken (MP3 – clean) Rhymesayers Entertainment @rhymesayers 2019
4:36 b l a c k Moodie Black @moodieblack1 Lucas Acid Fake Four @FakeFour 2018
8:10 New Babies Biophillick Mono Solar Dionysian Industrial Complex 2019
5:41 Brownout Steven Ball @Steven_Ball Bastard Island Linear Obsessional @Richard_Linear 2019
1:56 Tepelerin Arkasında The Raws “Duvara Dur Diyen Demir Yumruk” EP Mondo Mongo 2019
23:54 The Backyard Robert Ashley Private Parts Lovely Music @LovelyMusicLtd 2019