Psychadelic Furs

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:45 Stop Cycle Reaches @justin_randel The Land is Kind We Be Friends @webefriendsrecs 2020
6:31 Sea Song Robert Wyatt Rock Bottom Domino @Dominorecordco 1974
7:03 Transmigration Grapefruit @charliesalashumaraart Light Fronds Moon Glyph @moonglyph 2020
4:12 Wrong Train The Psychedelic Furs @pfurs Made of Rain Cooking Vinyl @cookingvinyl 2020
5:59 Seein’ It Skyjelly @Skyjelly In the Running 1 I Heart Noise @Iheartnoise 2020
4:08 Instant Automatic Outrage Machine Longboat Basically Blue Vol I AchduliebeZeit! 2020
6:36 Sax Solfa Spires That in the Sunset Rise Psychic Oscillations FPE Records @fperecs 2020
5:25 Pigeons Bill Callahan @bathyspheral – Single – Drag City @dragcityrecords 2020
2:30 Troubled Person Felix Hatfield @felix_hatfield False God Fangbite Records 2020
3:56 Strange Chemistry Eleanor Underhill Land of the Living Bandcamp 2020
1:47 hip hop in the record shop ft. Kato Amusin’ Projects @amusinprojects Mystery In The Making, Vol 2 Self Release 2020
5:04 The House Of The Rising Sun Sairie ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOL 2 Front & Follow @frontandfollow 2020
22:20 when I am alone Caroline Shaw @caroshawmusic [David Lang @davidlangmusic] when I am alone Cantaloupe @cantaloupeNY 2020
12:08 Fridur Isabelle O’Connell | Linda Buckley @IzzyPianoNYC @buckleylinda From Ocean’s Floor NMC Recordings @nmcrecordings 2020

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