c. Andre Warren

“From ‘The Truth’s On The Telly’ to ‘All Lies’ it’s another top journey through new independent music” >>>> Join the resistance to big corporate music – back this show on patreon

heard in over 90 countries via independent stations the best new music in association with KFFP FM

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:19 The Truth’s On The Telly CSE Art Project – Single – Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2019
4:08 Life Like an Electric Surge Pod Blotz Transdimensional System Dias Records @DaisRecords 2020
3:39 The birds discuss the journey (featuring John Butcher) Saint Abdullah @saintabdullahIR Mechanical Flirtations True Aether 2019
5:04 Brown Baby w. Francesco Turrisi @fraturrisi Rhiannon Giddens @RhiannonGiddens There Is No Other Nonesuch Records @NonesuchRecords 2019
2:43 Arthur’s Seat Burnt Paw Lunar Vortex Incantations Bandcamp 2019
5:07 No No No No Shit and Shine @chitandchine No No No No OOH-sounds 2019
4:45 Desatado Pelada Movimiento Para Cambio PAN @pan_hq 2019
6:27 Modern Man Eddy Current Suppression Ring All In Good Time Landlocked Music @landlockedmusic 2019
7:13 You Laugh At My Face (Tobias. Version) Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – single – Foom @foommusic 2019
2:43 Debris Keeley Forsyth @KeeleyForsyth Debris The Leaf Label @TheLeafLabel 2019
5:35 All Lies Sarah Mary Chadwick @SarahMaryChads Please Daddy sinderlyn @sinderlyn 2019
2:15 Letting Go (is not the same as giving up) Sam Humans @samhumans No Control Bandcamp 2019

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