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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:34 Ocean Plastic deathlist @privatelanguage A Canyon Bandcamp 2019
3:31 Chellow Dean Top Andrew DR Abbott @zadanzig Dead In Chellow Dean Cardinal Fuzz @CardinalFuzz 2019
3:34 No Shade In Shadow Kristin Hersh @kristinhersh Possible Dust Clouds Fire Records @firerecordings 2019
3:39 People’s Faces (Streatham Version) Kate Tempest People’s Faces (Streatham Version) American Modern Recordings 2019
3:33 We gave you a smile Saint Sadrill @saintsadrill Ca marchera jamais Dur et Doux @Briceetsapute 2018
11:28 The Adornment of Time (IMOJP Excerpt) Tyshawn Sorey @tyshawnsorey The Adornment of Time Pi Recordings @PiRecordings 2019
6:03 Esus Bonnacons of Doom @BonnaconsOfDoom – Single – Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2019
3:38 Thomas Ligotti Mchy I Porosty The Dead Pterodactyl Kikimora Tapes 2019
2:26 Angleworm Angel Cardiacs @cardiacsband Sing To God Vol I & II Bandcamp 1996
4:04 Don’t Sit For The Doodler Ashley Reaks @AshleyReaks If I Hadn’t Become An Artist And A Musician I Would Have Been A Serial Killer Or Killed Myself Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2016
3:23 Ode2Joey The Rhythm Method @thrhythmmthd How Would You Know I Was Lonely? Moshi Moshi Records @moshimoshimusic 2019
1:42 Migraine Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut @HATYMpunk @UnclePeanutMC Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Peanut Punk! 2015

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:33 Two Afternoons TFS A Laughing Death in Meatspace Mistletone 2018
4:31 `Friction Shame @shamebanduk Songs of Praise Dead Oceans @DeadOceans 2018
5:32 Wastelands Suede The Blue Hour Warner Music 2018
4:14 Fel i Fod Adwaith – single – The Orchard Music 2018
4:10 Control Emma Ruth Rundle @EmmaRuthRundle On Dark Horses 2018
3:23 FDR Drive Onyx Collective Lower East Suite Part Three 2018
5:47 Fly Low @lowtheband Double Negative Sub Pop @subpop 2018
11:27 Waiting for him Saint Sadrill Pierrefilant Dur et Doux @Briceetsapute 0
2:48 Better In My Day Gazelle Twin @gazelletwin Pastoral Anti-Ghost Moon Ray @antighostmoon 2018
3:00 King Of The Holloway Road Bas Jan Yes I Jan Lost Map @LostMap 2018
3:25 Vital Sign Olden Yolk @oldenyolk Olden Yolk 0
56:40 Body The Necks Body Fish Of Milk 2018
1:29 Myra’s Fortune Similar Fashion Portrait of 2017