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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:57 AA Shady Nasty Bad Posture Royal Mountain Records @royalmtn 2020
5:27 Lilac Porridge Radio @porridgeradio Every Bad Secretly Canadian @secretlycndian 2020
2:30 Psych Ward Okay Kaya @okaykayaouch Watch This Liquid Pour Itself Jagjaguwar @Jagjaguwar 2020
8:46 Goro City Manu Dibango – Single – Island 1981
6:38 Cara de Espejo (Home Session) Juana Molina @soyjuanamolina – Single – Crammed Discs @CrammedDiscs 2020
11:44 Big Talk Celia Hollandar Recent Futures Leaving Records @LEAVINGRECORDS 2020
2:50 He’s Coming to Us Dead Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton Doc Watson & Gaither Carlton Smithsonian Folkways @Folkways 2020
2:37 Shut Up Baby ! (feat. Brisa Roché) Tara King th. @TaraKingth Mathematique Petrol Chips @PetrolChips 2020
6:38 James James Ray Borneo & The Bystanders Ray Borneo & The Bystanders Petrol Chips @PetrolChips 2020
1:57 Black Berry (ft. Sarah Bernstein) Astroturf Noise @AstroturfNoise Astroturf Noise 577 Records @577Records 2020
21:01 Further The Necks Three Northern Spy Records @northernspyrecs 2020

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:33 Two Afternoons TFS A Laughing Death in Meatspace Mistletone 2018
4:31 `Friction Shame @shamebanduk Songs of Praise Dead Oceans @DeadOceans 2018
5:32 Wastelands Suede The Blue Hour Warner Music 2018
4:14 Fel i Fod Adwaith – single – The Orchard Music 2018
4:10 Control Emma Ruth Rundle @EmmaRuthRundle On Dark Horses 2018
3:23 FDR Drive Onyx Collective Lower East Suite Part Three 2018
5:47 Fly Low @lowtheband Double Negative Sub Pop @subpop 2018
11:27 Waiting for him Saint Sadrill Pierrefilant Dur et Doux @Briceetsapute 0
2:48 Better In My Day Gazelle Twin @gazelletwin Pastoral Anti-Ghost Moon Ray @antighostmoon 2018
3:00 King Of The Holloway Road Bas Jan Yes I Jan Lost Map @LostMap 2018
3:25 Vital Sign Olden Yolk @oldenyolk Olden Yolk 0
56:40 Body The Necks Body Fish Of Milk 2018
1:29 Myra’s Fortune Similar Fashion Portrait of 2017

Reload of special show on 14th anniversary of JP RIP

Includes exclusives – John Peel Tribute Show from 2013


Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:41 Delightful Nightmare Hugh Cornwell Hoover Dam 2008
6:02 The Line It Curves David Lynch The Big Dream 2013
1:50 down with you White Lung Single 2013
3:50 In My Mind Amanda Palmer AFP Live In The Soup Caves 2013
5:05 Dear Old House Amanda Palmer AFP Live In The Soup Caves 2013
1:08 Absinthe Simon Mathewson Osseoperception 2013
1:08:04 Open The Necks Open 2013
2:32 Sixteen Women (Blue Horizon Demo) Siren (Kevin Coyne) Siren 1969
3:51 She Came From New York Of Montreal Aquarium Drunkard: Lagniappe Sessions – Of Montreal Polyvinyl Records 2013
2:43 Johann’s Fabric Hobbyist Hobbyist 2013
5:22 Coin Operated Boy Amanda Palmer AFP Live In The Soup Caves 2013
5:26 Play Your Ukelele Amanda Palmer AFP Live In The Soup Caves 2013
3:13 Time Was Zomes Time Was 2013
2:41 Das Modell The Tremolo Beer Gut Under the Covers With… 2011
5:49 Skinless (Part 2) Deco Child Skinless 2013
3:27 Louder feat. Flowdan The Bug Filthy Ninja Tune 2013
4:03 Con Toda Palabra Dom La Nena Golondrina EP #Brazil-Six Degrees 2013
4:03 Heaven And Hell William Onyeabor World Psychedelic Classics 5: Who Is William Onyeabor? 2013

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
5:38 Box Elder (Live) Finn Riggins Live In The Soup Caves 2011
0:05 FFO-Treble17-WhatAFinish 0
8:08 The View From Here The Scrapes The Scrapes All Is Number Records 2015
5:08 Zerstueckelt Huber & Greie (AGF) Ausweg AGF Producktion 2014
5:43 Flowers Deer Deer ep #Mexico #HongKong -Metal Postcard Records 2015
3:10 Damn That Valley U.S. Girls – single – 4AD 2015
43:56 Vertigo The Necks Vertigo Northern Spy Records 2015
8:08 otto Vibracathedral Orchestra Rec Blast Motorbike VHF 2015
3:04 Actually Rozi Plain Friend Lost Map Records 2014
3:43 Egg To Worm To Fly Ashley Reaks Power Failure Metal Postcard 2015
4:08 Feel You Julia Holter Have You in My Wilderness Domino 2015
4:50 Carrion Flowers Chelsea Wolfe Abyss Sargent House 2015
4:34 Essa Grande Falta de Voce (Ummagma Mix) Robsongs Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival #Brazil-Ear To Ear Records 2015
5:53 Home Holly Herndon Platform 4AD 2015
2:52 You’re A Germ Wolf Alice My Love Is Cool Dirty Hit 2015
4:53 Heaven Jenny Hval Apocalypse, girl Sacred Bones Records 2015