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Elifantree Anemone by Susanna Majuri


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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:40 You Are Not Your Mind Eric Slick @ericslickmusic Palisades EggHunt Records @eggHuntRecords 2016
3:59 electrical storm Silicon Transmitter Layers FMA @freemusicarchive 2018
2:56 Throwing Quarter Into Water Kay The Aquanaut @KaytheAquanaut 7 Vessels Fake Four @FakeFour 2017
3:49 Virginia Rambler Anna & Elizabeth @aecrankies The Invisible Comes to Us Smithsonian Folkways @Folkways 2018
5:57 Weaver Richard Dawson @richarddawson12 Peasant Weird World @WeirdWorldRecs 2017
4:44 Farewell Slap Inker Gad Whip Trapped In A Pinhole Camera Arachnidiscs @Arachnidiscs 2017
3:30 Not Lit Diamond Terrifier Cipher @DmndTrrfr Chapel Master Styles Upon Styles @SUSrecords 2017
6:56 I Love You Elifantree @AnnieLif Anemone Eclipse @EclipseJazz 2018
2:56 Miel Arca @arca1000000 ? Arca XL Recordings @XLRECORDINGS 2018
5:34 03. Elytra Zimpel​/​Ziołek Zimpel​/​Ziołek Instant Classic @InstantClassicL 2018
3:52 In Colour Wooing Day Dream Time Machine Ba Da Bing Records @badabingrecords 2018
3:33 Untitled God Song Haley Heynderickx @hhhendrixx Live from the Banana Stand Vol. 3 Banana Stand Media @BananaStandPDX 2017
2:04 Viviremos Eternamente Rata Negra Oído Absoluto – self release – 2017

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(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – here’s the playlist

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:41 Social Pressures Attic Ted Marginalized Pecan Crazy Records 2014
7:09 The Waves Begin The Night Dave Migman The March Pt 1: The Waves Began The Night 2014
2:59 Black Quarterback Death Grips The Powers That B Third Worlds/Harvest 2015
3:27 Your Profound Self-Doubt Corey Dargel OK It’s Not OK New Amsterdam 2015
8:08 The View From Here The Scrapes The Scrapes All Is Number Records 2015
3:49 £SD or USB White Hills Walks For Motorists Thrill Jockey 2015
2:12 (RACE)?MMF? DICK 4: ??????? #Ghana -judaism.bandcamp 2014
4:59 A5 Imagination Ravioli Me Away The inevitable Album Good Job Records 2015
7:31 Softer Echolocation Softer Haunted By Fame 2015
4:00 Graveyard Song Part 1 Funeral Parade Sacred Bones 2015
10:03 A Song About Romance Like a Villain Bast 2014
3:50 Repeat Led #10 Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta Yuca Sounds 3 – Condenados a la Oscuridad 2015
3:57 A Fools Paradise Elifantree Movers and Shakers #Finland -Eclipse 2015
6:03 This Hammer Breaks Colleen Captain of None #France-Thrill Jockey 2015
1:45 There Might Dave Migman The March Pt 1: The Waves Began The Night 2014
7:57 Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage Girl Band The Early Years EP #Ireland-Rough Trade 2015
2:46 Artificial Stasis Lee Bannon Pattern of Excel Ninja Tune 2015
5:08 Saint Suasa Mountain Tom Hatcher Lezet ‘2″‘ Bandcamp: Classwar Karaoke 2015
2:42 Sham King Meat Wave Brother EP Brace Yourself Records 0