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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:46 Desk Gate Gad Whip @Gad_Whip Fanimal Arms Bandcamp 2020
3:17 The Wants Mourning [A] BLKstar @MABScle The Cycle Don Giovanni @DonGiovanniRecs 2020
4:03 Quarantine Isserley @Isserley_OwO TAPEWORMHOLE Bandcamp 2020
3:45 Herbs in the Beak Heavy For The Vintage featuring Nikolas Carlton Herbs in the Beak Silber Media @silberspy 2020
5:34 Old Enough Cinder Well @cinder_well No Summer Free Dirt Records @freedirtrecords 2020
5:10 The Snake Pa’lante Lockdown Samples Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2020
4:39 Blood of the Fang Clipping. @clppng There Existed An Addiction To Blood Sub Pop @subpop 2019
4:19 Dead Pursuits Anna B. Savage @annabsavage – single – City Slang @CitySlang 2020
7:25 Blind Owl Blues lloyd Thayer with Jerome Deupree Duets Feeding Tube @Feeding_Tube 2020
3:58 Brick Lane Longboat @iswaycool Basically Blue Vol I AchduliebeZeit! 2020
3:52 Good Scientist Woog Riots @woogriots 2020 Lo-Fi to Disco! 2020
3:02 Fortunate Son Pere Ubu @ubuprojex The Long Goodbye Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2020
6:14 Sokerihumala Emilia Tuovila & Väijytys Kirjoitan tämän Eclipse @EclipseJazz 2020
4:41 Inori Hiroki Tanaka @hikikomoriquest Kaigo Kioku Kyoku Bandcamp 2020
4:09 Comment s’étaient-ils rencontrés ? Hidden People @hiddenpeopleduo – Single – Dur et Doux @duretdoux @Briceetsapute 2020
4:35 Latha Dhan Fhìnn am Beinn Ioghnaidh (A Day for the Fingalians of Beinn Ioghnaidh) Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie @Brian_Fionnghal TUATH – Songs of the Northlands Naxos World Music @naxosworld 2020
5:08 Eras (ANRMAL) Juana Molina @soyjuanamolina ANRMAL Crammed Discs @CrammedDiscs 2020

Lightning Bolt! Gun Politics! Two mentions of AK47s! (Ne’er a western gun…)11_ Blandine Campion Blandine Campion

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:43 Horsepower Lightning Bolt Fantasy Empire Thrill Jockey 2015
3:43 Delta Flavor Waster It’s Always Sunny When You’re Cool School of Resentment Recordings 2015
7:27 My Childhood Hands (Demo) Tape Runs Out Rock Back for Nepal Vol 2 2015
4:20 guns.up clipping. midcity Deathbomb 2013
2:13 BLKBOI Bleubird Lauderdale CLEAN 2015
4:50 Carrion Flowers Chelsea Wolfe Hopscotch Compilation 0
3:15 this – ii Jodie Landau and wild Up you of all things Bedroom Community 2015
3:44 Manchester Airport by night Dave Migman The i Padded Cell 2015
5:21 Ibaraki Noriko (1926-2006) – If I Could AGF (Antye Greie) A Deep Mysterious Tone 2015
4:54 Demo Don & Do Don Gorge Music 0
2:05 Run For Stupid Future Best dressed 2015
3:56 King Of My World Lightning Bolt Fantasy Empire Thrill Jockey 2015
0:55 UFC Attic Ted 3rd 7 inch Pecan Crazy Records 2015
8:18 Sanity Can’t Teach You Everything Clarence Mayhew New-2014 2015
8:06 Hurricane Tongues In Trees Parallel Sinj 2015
2:51 Gone Away Cullah Cullah The Wild 2015
3:15 I Don’t Want To Be Alone Streaky Jake Streaky Jake: What’s Wrong….. Nothing Metal Postcard 2013
3:32 Call The Days Nadia Reid Listen to Formation, Look for the Signs Spunk Records 2015
3:11 real (ft. ezra buchla) clipping. midcity Deathbomb 2013
4:21 Magnetic Massage Motor Combo (Catalonia) EurNoVision 2015 2015
3:55 Awakening DJ Paypal Sold Out Brainfeeder Records 2015
6:56 Insomniac Powell XL Recordings 0
3:32 Rubble Kings Theme (Dynamite) Explicit Run The Jewels Rubble Kings Mass Appeal 0
3:17 Shockwork Test Dept. Peel session (22 de agosto 1983) Ministry Of Power 0
4:13 I Don’t Know Much About Loving Jay-Jay Johanson Opium #Sweden Le Plan Recordings 2015
1:39 Palm Them Off With Me USA Nails No Pleasure Smalltown America 2015