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Doris-Dennison 1956

“It’s just another great show, we’ve become used to it being so good, but I rarely find anything that comes close on other podcasts”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
3:07 Bit Much CLAMM Care Chapter Music @ChapterMusic 2022
3:55 Danmark Frit ft. Astrid Øster Mortensen Blod (Gustaf Dicksson) Missväxt Grapefruit Records @badabingrecords 2021
3:56 Candy Run Sea Moss SEAMOSS2 Ramp Local @RampLocal 2022
4:55 The Journey Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka Languoria Mondoj @mondoj_ & Unsound @unsound 2022
5:47 Nerve Himmelrum Vand, død & ensomhed Joyful Noise Recordings @joyfulnoiserecs 2020
3:42 “Locked In My Bones” Laura Cannell @laurarecorder Unlocking Rituals Brawl Records @BrawlRecords 2022
2:42 Wasps Serengeti @serengetidave With Greg from Deerhoof @deerhoof Joyful Noise Recordings @joyfulnoiserecs 2020
5:55 Hypnose Guillaume Loizillon @GLoizillon Collapsus Trace Label 2022
4:00 Bosch Express Ergo Phizmiz, Pete Murphy and Hallidonto @ergophizmizplc @PeteMurphyMusic @Hallidonto It’s Too Hot! 2022
3:05 Quaternions Tenchpress @tenchpress Tombmagic Cruel Nature Records @CruelNature 2022
3:53 Stop the World and Let Me Off Jacob Wick @jacobwick Standards Full Spectrum @fullspectrumrec 2022
5:04 We (Single 2022) Future Kult @SionTrefor – Single – Action Wolf Records 2022
3:31 Never Been Your Business Muramuke (Barbara Panther & Matthew Herbert) @barbiepanther @matthewherbert – Single – Accidental Records @accidentallabel 2022
1:06 3 Derek Bailey Domestic Jungle Scatter 2022
2:32 Earth Interval, mvt. 1 Third Coast Percussion @ThirdCoastPerc [Doris Dennison 1956] 2022
1:59 Earth Interval, mvt. 2 Third Coast Percussion @ThirdCoastPerc [Doris Dennison 1956] 2022
3:28 Earth Interval, mvt. 3 Third Coast Percussion @ThirdCoastPerc [Doris Dennison 1956] 2022
8:19 Na sote hai na sone dete hai Songs For A Tired City In Plain Sight Subcontinental Records, India @SubcontinentalI 2022
3:36 Dynamical Systems Two Simon Knighton Outside the Lines Vol. 5 Nonclassical @nonclassical 2022
7:20 The Fall, The Freedom Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) @robinrimbaud V.A. CLAP. An Anatomy of Applause Unsounds Label @Unsoundslabel 2022