Naaljos Ljom

“…often includes world exclusive releases and always some acts I’ve never even heard of that I love” Well there’s one from The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band this week 😉

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:43 Tea Lights Exploding Guardian Singles @guardiansingles Guardian Singles Trouble In Mind @trouble_in_mind 2021
5:35 Late-Century Reflection ft Natalie Chami @TALsounds & Matchess @matchessound Brett Naucke @brettnaucke Mirror Ensemble American Dreams @AmerDreams 2021
6:21 Fatally Human Tunng @thisistunng Tunng Presents…DEAD CLUB Full Time Hobby @fulltimehobby 2020
3:31 22 Onnen R.Seiliog @seiliog Ash Dome Cue Dot Records @CueDotRecords 2021
7:32 Combat (Spaceland Remix @AndySpaceland) TALsounds – single – Idle Hands Records @idlehandsrecs 2021
3:37 TOXIC Texture & Asthmatic Astronaut ????? @t3xtur3 ILLVMINATE This Is Not Pop @thisisnotpop 2021
3:32 TRANSISTORS ft. Jaz Kahina @JazKahina & VANDAL SAVAGE) Kid Acne – Single – Lewis Recordings @LewisRecordings 2021
5:47 Kuenda Mbire Ephat Mujuru & The Spirit of the People Mbavaira Awesome Tapes From Africa @awesometapes 2021
5:44 Wakkanai Tilt-Shift Rupert Lally @rupertlally Timelapses Waxing Crescent Records @Waxing_Cres_Rec 2021
4:27 Void Bendik Giske @BendikGiske Cracks Smalltown Supersound @supersound 2021
3:09 Brand New Ways to Waste Your Life The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band @jeffreylewisand The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band: Both Ways (The Great Lost 2017 Double-Album!) 2021
5:55 Première communion de la Vierge (First communion of the Virgin) Christina Petrowska Quilico, C.M. @CPQuilico Sound Visionaries – [Messiaen] Vingt Regards sur l’Enfant-Jésus Navona @parmarecordings 2021
10:49 Adagio Tomasz Sroczynski Symphony n°2 / Highlander Ici d’ailleurs @icidailleurs 2021
8:32 Uppstaden Naaljos Ljom Naaljos Ljom Motvind Records 2021

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