John Grant

New releases about life & death plus an extra bit focused on 7 types of contemporary electronic music

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:44 What You Think? Callum Easter @callumeaster System Lost Map @LostMap 2021
2:39 Bad Nicky William I Wanna be Bad Icons Creating Evil Art @icea_label 2021
4:50 Big Moonlight Vanishing Twin @vanishing_twin Ookii Gekkou Fire Records @firerecordings 2021
7:31 J’ai Mal Aux Dents Six Organs of Admittance @6organs The Veiled Sea Three Lobed Records @3lobed 2021
4:02 Der Aufbruch J. Peter Schwalm, Markus Reuter Aufbruch RareNoise @RareNoise 2021
4:17 Singing Stripe Georgia Mulligan – single – Part Time Records @Parttimerecordco @rcontrol 2021
4:31 Half Twin LIDS (@holyfuck, @theconstantines, @METZtheband) Furniture Sub Pop @subpop 2021
4:06 Two Face L’Rain @lrain0000 Fatigue Mexican Summer @MexicanSummer 2021
5:27 1901 burning down feat. serdar ates¸er & sarp maden Berke Can Özcan @berkecanozcan Cicadas & Kitharas 2021
9:38 The Only Baby John Grant @johnwgrant Boy from Michigan Partisan @partisanrecords 2021
4:13 SuperHeavy Art imitation Perihelion 2209 Ohm Resistance @ohmresistance 2021
4:24 Mumiru Mycrotom Ratoratiyo bohemian drips @bohemiandrips 2021
4:39 90 dreams Ripatti Fun Is Not A Straight Line PLANÈT Mu @Planetmurecords 2021
7:12 Change Loraine James @LoJamMusic Reflection Hyperdub @Hyperdub 2021
3:29 Grapes And Coagulated Nightmares Dolores Mondo Stash Folklore Of Despair Cruel Nature Records @CruelNature 2021
3:44 Filter feeder Kooba Tercu @KTercu Proto Tekno Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2020
2:50 He Is So Timid Ægir @aegir6013 The Earth Grew Uncertain Why not? Plötur 2021

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