“Staying true to the Peel ethos, thank you – keep it up!”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:27 On It ft. Micall Parknsun Tom Caruana @TomCaruana Brewing Up Tes Sea Records @teaseacaruana 2021
4:18 Distant Lands My First Climate Change Art Woody and Jeremy @woodyandjeremy Gravy in my Coffee woodyandjeremy.bandcamp.com 2021
6:10 Sbono (Vocal Mix) DJ Black Low feat. DJ La Bengwa Licy Jay & Menate Entertainment Uwami Awesome Tapes From Africa @awesometapes 2021
6:31 Music Life (ft. Jeff Parker & Money Mark @moneymark Mia Doi Todd @Mia_Doi_Todd Music Life City Zen Records 2021
4:13 Hot & Cold The Same (Robert Cox) Sync or Swim Freedom To Spend @rvngintl 2021
5:55 new moon nina gala f@iamninagala renaissance ninagala.bandcamp.com 2020
3:27 Homage Maxine Funke Seance A Colourful Storm @acolourfulstorm 2021
3:57 Mongelun riipusta Mieronsuo @mieronsuo “Kiperkotsˇka” Eclipse @EclipseJazz 2021
4:18 Do You Know Who Loves You? Manslaughter 777 World Vision Perfect Harmony Thrill Jockey @thrilljockey 2021
4:53 The Muff The Conspiracy Apple Zapple Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2020
2:47 Beat Club a/lpaca WWNBB#112 – Make it Better We Were Never Being Boring @WWNBBcollective 2021
1:53 Sacred Fires Maladia Sacred Fires 12″EP La Vida Es Un Mus @LAVIDAESUNMUS 2021
12:19 Reminiscence Of Tar A.Karperyd @karperyd GND (Ground) Novoton @Novoton 2021
14:24 Through Chaos, Cohesion Is Found Stratosphere, Dirk Serries & Tom Malmendier Collaborations II Midira Records 2021

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