“It’s a combination of Peel and other influential DJs from the golden era of BBC radio”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:52 Rolling in the Basement Woody and Jeremy @woodyandjeremy Gravy in My Coffee woodyandjeremy.bandcamp.com/album/gravy-in-my-coffee 2021
3:28 Body Spiritual Mafia Al Fresco ever/never @ever_never_recs 2021
6:07 Slave Markets feat Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods) Frustration So cold streams Born Bad Records 2019
3:11 Car Havana Midi Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay Ice Exposure Klanggalerie @KlangGalerie 2020
2:38 Sen Kierowcy Tira Który Przysna˛? Na Sekunde˛ Podczas Nocnej Jazdy Wzd?uz˙ Ba?tyku Jan LF Strach Dok?adny Deszcz EP Vivarium Recordings @VivariumRecs 2021
4:38 Song Of Wandering The Silver Field @thesilverfield Sing High! Sing Low! thesilverfield.bandcamp.com 2020
5:45 Destiny Only Now x Beneath The Ruins @KushArora27 Anamnesis onlynow.bandcamp.com 2021
4:33 Tapeworms Tapeworms @Tapewormsband Funtastic tapewormsband.bandcamp.com 2020
4:57 Malady Bark @barkcollective Relics EP http://bark.band/ 2020
3:44 Mission Statement Echolocation @echolocation_uk Unreleased track from 2012 Regeneration sessions echolocation1.bandcamp.com 2012
4:45 Sea Life Sandwich Boy Horsegirl @horsegirlmusic – single – Sonic Cathedral @soniccathedral 2021
4:39 Amour Sous l’Eau Gift Horse @gifthorserides Happy Clappy gifthorserides.bandcamp.com 2021
1:07 Opportunity Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, Vincent Epplay Ice Exposure Klanggalerie @KlangGalerie 2020
3:33 amont des chutes Gilles Poizat @gilles.poizat Champignon Flamme Carton Records @cartonrecords 2021
7:19 Midwinter Alula Down @AlulaDown Postcards from Godley Moor, Winter 2020/1 aluladown.bandcamp.com 2021
6:56 XC222182 feat. Edbrass Brasil Rob Frye Exoplanet Astral Spirits @astspiritsrec 2021
8:48 – Peaceable (feat. Jaimie Branch) KVL Unseen Creatures: The Beer Playlist Astral Spirits @astspiritsrec 2021

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