In Memory of John Peel Show 201121 Podcast & Playlist

Posted: November 23, 2020 in Uncategorized
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Magic serendipity with 2020person, 2020 and MMXX

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(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:17 Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind NEWMEDS @newmeds1 Nothing Is Heavier Than The Mind Man Demolish Records @Mandemolish 2020
3:11 New Curfew Adulkt Life @adulkt_life Zine Two What’s Your Rupture? @whatsyrrupture 2020
6:52 The Magic Beggar Budokan Boys @budokan_boys So Broken Up About You Dying ever/never records @ever_never_recs 2020
4:40 Fixed gnaarf Beyond Repair Xtelyon Records @xtelyonrec 2020
5:13 Take no prisoners friendships @friendshipsaus Fishtank Dot Dash Recordings @rcontrol 2020
3:46 I Wanna Be Your Dog P.E. @pe2020person I Wanna Be Your Dog, Boy Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2020
4:47 A Common Tern Anna B Savage @annabsavage – single – City Slang @CitySlang 2020
8:14 Surf’s Up Magik Markers @TweetHassle 2020 Drag City @dragcityrecords 2020
6:11 Ahora Es Cuando Como Asesinar a Felipes MMXX Koolarrow Records 2020
1:57 Tape Piece: Movement 3 WHSmith gaffer tape Maya Verlaak & Andy Ingamells @maya_verlaak @andyingamells Tape Piece Birmingham Record Company @BhamRecordCo @nmcrecordings 2020
5:02 Intention and release The End Allt Ar Intet RareNoise @RareNoise 2020
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