Delia Derbyshire

“you never know what’s coming on these shows, good music yes, but what type, mood, genre? Always surprising.”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:53 Cooler Returns Kiwi Jr. @kiwijrgroup Cooler Returns Sub Pop @subpop 2021
3:27 Spiralling Out Of Control Sir Robert Orange Peel Cosmic Kite ep Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2020
5:51 Joeri Chipsvingers en het Paprika Pact Joeri Chipsvingers De Avonturen van Joeri Chipsvingers Bandcamp 2020
3:11 Shape of Stories Geins’t Naît + L. Petitgand Like This Maybe Or This Ici d’ailleurs @icidailleurs 2020
3:45 Festivillage Rien Faire Rien Faire Dur et Doux @duretdoux @Briceetsapute 2020
5:09 Horse Seamus Fogarty @seamusfog A Bag Of Eyes Domino @Dominorecordco 2020
4:21 Autumn’s Epilogue Cod O’Donnell f:@cododonnell Visions from the Elbow Room Bandcamp 2020
7:41 The Funeral of a Woman Whose Soul is Trapped in the Sun Ak’chamel, The Giver Of Illness @giverofillness The Totemist Akuphone @Aku_Officiel 2020
4:03 Stolen Androgens Black To Comm @BTCTW Oocyte Oil & Stolen Androgens Thrill Jockey @thrilljockey 2020
4:30 Marking Time Pauline Anna Strom Angel Tears in Sunlight RvNG Intl @rvngintl 2021
5:43 David Attenborough Rarelyalways Baby Buffalo Innovative Leisure @ILRecords 2020
1:20 Virus Bipolar “Bipolar” EP Slovenly Recordings @SlovenlyRecs 2020
10:06 Mountains and Waterfalls Tunes Of Negation Like The Stars Forever And Ever Cosmo Rhythmatic @CosmoRhythmatic 2020
6:02 Iceworld Stuart Chalmers and Claus Poulsen blue thirty-six Blue Tapes @BlueTapesUK 2020
24:45 The Acid Lands Opening Performance Orchestra, Bill Laswell, Iggy Pop ft. William S. Burroughs, Martina Potucková & Alfred Sabela The Acid Lands Sub Rosa @SubRosaLabel 2020

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