In Memory Of John Peel Show: 20180928- Podcast & Playlist

Posted: September 28, 2018 in Uncategorized
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From Sex Tourists to The Superman Revenge Squad Band: Down Under and Back Up!
In Memory of John Peel Show – bringing the best new music to you in association with  KFFP FM & on patreon  GET behind what you believe in rebroadcast all over the planet to independent stations

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:56 Carnivals and Sports Sex Tourists Sex Tourists 12″ LP Paradise Daily 2017
3:25 Dark Stains Exploded View @ExplodedViewBnd Obey Sacred Bones @SacredBones 2018
6:22 And All Went Dark ft. Polly Scattergood @pollyworld Chris Liebing @ChrisLiebing Burn Slow Mute Records @MuteUK ? 2018
5:55 Palm Springs Peter Bibby @peterdbibby Grand Champion Spinning Top @Spinning_Top 2018
3:15 Colours Lou Terry Week of Bees Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2018
3:47 Little Gyre Rachel Taylor Brown Run Tiny Human Penury Pop 2018
3:41 Samarcande Cyril Cyril Certaine Ruines Les Disques Bongo @BongoJoeRecords 2018
3:39 Facebook Wax Chattels @waxchattels Wax Chattels Captured Tracks @capturedtracks 2018
4:23 Big Sea The Lovely Eggs @TheLovelyEggs This is Eggland Egg Records 2018
3:49 Hocus Pocus MIEN @MMMIIIEEENNN MIEN Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2018
4:56 Makeshift Constellations GADADU @gadadumusic Outer Song 2018
5:11 The Nerve Meter Pan Daijing @PDaijing Lack PAN @pan_hq 2017
2:34 Flavor Flav The Superman Revenge Squad Band @BenSRS There Is Nothing More Frightening Than the Passing of Time Audio Antihero @audioantihero 2013

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