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“An emotional journey from some of the more interesting voices of current music”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
5:32 The Shoemender Dom Prag @DomPrag Needle & Thread 2022
3:41 Don’t Forget You’re Precious Alabaster DePlume @a_deplume GOLD International Anthem @intlanthem 2022
4:49 Holy Ghost Hannah Yeun @HannahYeun Heavenly Sister [Reissue] Perpetual Doom @PerpetualDoom 2022
3:47 Music To make a dream come true Kety Fusco @KetyFusco – single – Floating Notes Records 2022
5:59 Growth Natasha Barrett Heterotopia Persistence of Sound 2022
2:45 Territorial Call Of The Female Bodega Broken Equipment What’s Your Rupture? @whatsyrrupture 2022
7:02 Animals Calling Animals Golden Champagne Flavored Sweatshirt i@goldenchampagneflavoredsweats Expectant Ratskin Records @RatskinRecords 2020
3:25 Anthem for a Twenty Nine Year Old Girl Kajsa Magnarsson & Marta Forsberg Kompisitioner Lamour Records @Lamour_records 2022
3:37 Spolu Adela Mede @adelkamed Szabadság Warm Winters Ltd. @warmwintersltd 2022
3:17 Rabbit Hole (Polka Dot ) Darren Cross @DarrenCrossBand DISTORDER 2021
5:55 Silueta Carmen Villain @CarmenVillain Only Love From Now On Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2022
1:11 When You Are A Martian Church Rudimentary Peni @rudimentarypeni Death Church sealedrecords @LAVIDAESUNMUS 2022
1:23 WG1WG4 Gary Wilkinson @garywilkinson_ Online Conspiracy Theories Wormhole World @WormholeWorld 2022
4:37 Serpent Slayer Sol Viator Sol Viator Ramble Records f@Ramble-Records 2022
8:34 Old Map Mamer Faintish Radiation Old Heaven Books @Oldheavenbooks 2020
11:13 Asynchronous Intervals Binker and Moses @binkerandmoses Feel It Break Gearbox Records @GearboxRecords 2022