In Memory of John Peel Show 230106 Podcast & Playlist

Posted: January 7, 2023 in Uncategorized
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Lucretia Dalt

The First show of 2023 has a Scottish thread and plenty of surprising deviations

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
4:27 Stars and Hills are Hoary Milkweed @mlkwd_ Milkweed Sings Carols 2021
4:14 Fisher’s Lullaby Fiona Soe Paing @FionaSoePaing Sand, Silt, Flint 2022
4:48 a gower wassail Kemper Norton @KemperNorton Montol Melodies ( vol.1) 2022
4:35 Jerks ft. adele altro @anyother TYTO f@beppescardinomusic i@tyto0otyt ?? MIRAI 2022
6:21 Streets Dave Okumu & The 7 Generations @dave_okumu_ I Came From Love: You Survived So I Might Live Transgressive @transgressiveHQ @piasrecordings 2022
7:29 Voodoo Tabard Dragged Up @DU_Glasgow D/U 2020
2:58 1000 Hours Sniffany & The Nits @SniffanyATN The Unscratchable Itch Prah Recordings @PRAHRecordings 2022
4:31 Number in my phone Unloved @weareunloved The Pink Album Heavenly Recordings @heavenlyrecs / PAIS @piasrecordings 2022
3:10 Fruitmachine Voice Actor Sent from my Telephone Stroom @stroomtv 2022
5:20 Yep Yep Moin @raimemusic Paste AD 93 @AD93rec 2021
4:28 Gena Lucrecia Dalt @LucreciaDalt ¡Ay! RVNG Intl. @rvngintl 2022
5:53 Part II : The Burden of Shame The Lonely Bell @thelonelybell_ The Broken Heart of Man Somnimage @Somnimage 2022
5:20 The Whistling Wires Simon Scott @_SimonScott Long Drove Room40 @room40speaks 2023
5:57 SHF Is Dead TheBlackDog @TheBlackDog Music For Dead Airports 2023
17:15 Imprinting The Necks Travel Northern Spy Records @northernspyrecs 2023
  1. I always loved to hear his BBC shows in my youth ’cause of discovering new music. Thanks for uploading and your blog

  2. That’s a real joy to hear all those sessions here
    Thank you very much for your wonderful J. Peel hommage

  3. Zaph Mann says:

    Hi there, thank you for your compliments. It’s an ongoing homage – this is show 874! It started when a radio station manager invited me to start a new show and asked what I’d do – I replied oh a kind of in memory of John Peel type show… Actually I added jazz and outsider chamber in honour of Charlie Gillet and also the guys from “Mixing It”

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