Special: Zaph Mann’s Very Best of 2022! Podcast & Playlist

Posted: December 31, 2022 in Uncategorized
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The light pours out of me
The third of three seasonal 2 hour specials – following the Xmas show, the Listener picks show and now my very best of 2022!

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
5:38 Box Elder (Live) Finn Riggins Live In The Soup Caves Bronze Dog Music 2011
2:28 Clouding Alpaca Ensemble & Eirik Hegdal with Thea Ellingsen Grant The Sky Opens Twice Particular Recordings Collective 2022
7:39 Gestures with Arve Henriksen @arve_henriksen Carmen Villain @CarmenVillain Only Love From Now On Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2022
38:38 Twenty20 lloyd Thayer Twenty20 https://lloydthayer.bandcamp.com/ 2022
4:06 Meat Teeth Benefits @Benefitstheband – Single – https://benefitstheband.bandcamp.com 2022
5:00 Another Place The Chewers @TheChewersMusic Don’t Dance https://thechewers.bandcamp.com/ 2022
2:22 Oil Race Fat Earthers @fatearthersband Bored https://fatearthers.bandcamp.com/ 2022
7:00 Mafia Pound Land Pound Land Plus Cruel Nature Records @CruelNature 2022
5:05 I Love You Fontaines D.C. @fontainesdublin Skinty Fia Partisan @partisanrecords 2022
5:28 Secondo Coro delle Lavandaie (feat. Maria Violenza) Mai Mai Mai Rimorso Maple Death Records @mapledeath 2022
16:31 un chien andalou dave phillips un chien andalou https://dave-phillips.bandcamp.com/ 2022
3:47 We Need Telefís @telefis1961 a haon Dimple Discs @DimpleDiscs 2022
2:57 Daring Highwayman Hack-Poets Guild @HackPoetsGuild (Lisa A Knapp @LisaKnappMusic, Marry Waterson @MarryWaterson, nathaniel mann @animateddog) Blackletter Garland One little Independent @olirecords 2023
13:31 Bold and Undaunted Youth One Leg One Eye @oneleg_oneeye …. And Take The Black Worm With Me Nyahh Records @nyahhrecords 2022

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