I Speak Machine

The best music this week comes from all over the globe!

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
2:04 Names Hot Gum Hot Gum State Champion Records 2020
3:39 New Toy Naja Naja s/t EP Wharf Cat Records @wharfcatrecords 2022
3:48 Act 2 Cal Folger Day @SiEffDee Piece-dye 2022
4:33 Ruined Me Tara Busch x I Speak Machine @TaraBusch War https://ispeakmachine.bandcamp.com/album/war 2022
4:05 Ráfaga J. Zunz Del Aire Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2022
3:54 Door Ajar Laura Loriga i@lauralorigaloriga Vever ears&eyes Records @earseyesRecords 2022
4:32 A Memory, Blown Out Madeleine Cocolas @MaddyCocolas Spectral Room40 @room40speaks 2022
5:05 I Love You Fontaines D.C. @fontainesdublin Skinty Fia Partisan @partisanrecords 2022
6:22 Le bestie feroci Giovanni Di Domenico Polvere di rabbia Kohlhaas 2022
3:07 I Don’t Wanna Work A Fake Job (feat. MAD 45) Tackhead @mightytackhead Pay It All Back Vol. 8 On-U Sound @onusound 2022
1:38 Tell Me Lies That You Love Me Nyxy Nyx EIS Records Sampler 2021 Exploding In Sound @EISRecords 2021
6:55 It’s in Your Heart Now Destroyer @danbejar Labrynthitis Merge Records @mergerecords 2022
3:09 Nostalgic For Hope Gad Whip @Gad_Whip Sky Bird Ep https://gadwhip.bandcamp.com/ 2022
1:20 Et Quands Seront Nous Sage Lining Time Strike Shadow World @Shadow___World 2022

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