Inside There Falls – Mira Calix

Now it’s #1 in worldwide freeform chart – on a FRIDAY! (we’re often there in the days following a podcast release but rarely a week later!!) Let’s get more radio stations around the world – if you listen to one that’s independent let me know and put us in contact.

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Apple, Audacity, Google Podcasts, Gaana, Boomplay, Amazon Music and Audible , Player FM, iHeartRadio, Deezerhere’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
2:38 My Son Has Special Needs, But There’s Nowhere for Him to Go The Good Ones Rwanda…you see ghosts, I see sky Six Degrees @sixdegreesrcrds 2022
3:11 Skies are Red Gnod @GnodGnetwerk Hexen Valley Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2021
4:09 I ?? CCTV The Nightingales @_nightingales I ?? CCTV . . . free digital single! Tiny Global Productions @tinyglobal123 2022
9:11 Falene WOW Falene Maple Death Records @mapledeath 2021
3:31 Randy Dandy O Shane Parish @shaneparishgtr Liverpool Dear Life Records @Dearliferecs 2022
0:38 Introduction to Farey Sequence Sebastiano De Gennaro Musica Razionale 2022
3:22 Farey Sequence Sebastiano De Gennaro Musica Razionale 19’40” @19m40s 2022
2:12 Fibonacci34 Mann Racket Lezet ‘2″‘ Bandcamp @classwarkaraoke 2015
3:27 Basement Middex @middexmiddex Perpetual Skip Outer Reaches @outerreacheslbl 2022
6:43 Astro Cumbia Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs 1Zhuayo Mille Plateaux @milleplateaux1 2022
1:21 P5Y0P5 Gary Wilkinson @garywilkinson_ Online Conspiracy Theories Wormhole World @WormholeWorld 2022
5:11 Cloudts Mattie Jupiter’s Purse Leaving Records @LEAVINGRECORDS 2021
6:10 The Wolf, The Sheep & The Door Mira Calix @miracalix Skimskitta Warp @WarpRecords 2003
0:15 Minialgia #29 Satanique Samba Trio @ss3oficial Mini Bad Rebel Up! @RebelUpSound 2021

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