“Brazilian Pit Viper Saves Dj from Fatal Path”

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:53 Transmission Diabologum @Diabologum La Jeunesse est un Art Ici d’ailleurs @icidailleurs 2020
6:20 Science Fair Black Country, New Road Science Fair Ninja Tune @ninjatune 2021
4:23 Still Want More Calabashed @calacalabashed Behold A Black Wave Purple City 2020
4:35 Takamba Bounaly @bounaly66 Music from Saharan WhatsApp 10 Sahel Sounds @sahelsounds 2020
4:36 I Want To Change Nana Adjoa @NanaAdjoaMusic Big Dreaming Ants Bloomer Records 2020
7:31 The Fifth Element Alligator Gozaimasu @ragtreasure EPISODE #4 Solange Bunte Balken Durchlaufen Bandcamp 2020
4:10 Magickal Cost Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou @EmmaRuthRundle May Our Chambers Be Full Sacred Bones @SacredBones 2020
3:58 You ft. Dis Fig @dis_fig The Bug @thebugzoo – single – Hyperdub @Hyperdub 0
5:20 Enosh Christopher Chaplin @CJ_Chaplin 10 Patriarchs Fabrique Records @FabriqueRecords 2021
7:15 Eating The Dead Tunng @thisistunng Tunng Presents…DEAD CLUB Full Time Hobby @fulltimehobby 2020
0:19 Barbershop Death Metal Quartet Lou Kelly @LouKellyMusic1 Genres That Don’t Exist Bandcamp 2020
12:14 Take A Break JMO V.A. Sound Journeys_ Switzerland Nonclassical @nonclassical 2020
19:23 Surface Level Chris Abrahams Appearance Room 40 @room40speaks 2020

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