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Pauline Murray

“From Bury My Bone to The Menace of Terror, it’s another one of those improbable journeys through independent music of all types” >>>> Music independent of the industry system  – back this show on patreon

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:14 Bury My Bone 1 Alvin Snow @theResidents Metal, Meat and Bone Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2020
3:47 Feather Cap Billy Polo Halfway Dub Ropeadope Records @ropeadope 2020
2:47 Breathe corporationpop f:corporationpopper -single – Bandcamp 2020
1:57 Place; Part II; A Thought Ted Hearne @hearnedogg Place w. @SaulWilliams New Amsterdam @newamrecords 2020
6:49 Paean For Patty Waters Dondadi @connorlively ATMWorld Green House 2018
1:53 I Picked You Up Bec Plexus Sticklip New Amsterdam @newamrecords 2020
3:53 Zellerbach Aaron Space & His Terrestrial Underlings Fishland Moon Glyph @moonglyph 2020
10:26 OBSERVATION NUMBER 1 Self Help @JahDuran GRAND HOTEL IBIS Tesla Tapes @GnodGnetwerk 2020
3:13 Proto Paradox PROTO IDIOT @ProtoIdiot “Leisure Opportunity” LP Slovenly Recordings @SlovenlyRecs 2017
6:32 Morning Come, Maria’s Gone Burd Ellen @burdellen_ Morning Come, Maria’s Gone Bandcamp 2020
3:32 For barely one in a thousand Kate Arnold @DulcimerKate Rota Fortunae I (EP) Gare Du Nord Records @GareDuNordUK 2020
2:58 Tell Me The Residents @theResidents Metal, Meat and Bone Cherry Red @CherryRedGroup 2020
2:19 Sound, Sound Your Instruments Of Joy Dead Rat Orchestra The Antigen Christmas Album antigen records @AntigenRecords 2019
11:39 I’m Not Laughing at You Sun Kil Moon @MarkKozelek I Also Want to Die in New Orleans Caldo Verde Records 2019
5:48 How to Test the Depth of a Well (Remastered) Benjamin Shaw @bnjmnshw There’s Always Hope, There’s Always Cabernet (Remastered & Expanded) Audio Antihero @audioantihero 2020
10:04 The Menace Of Terror Sound Effects Of Death And Horror @SEODAH Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions Wormhole World @WormholeWorld 2020
1:38 Isaac’s Song DM Stith @dmstith F@stithbook Heavy Ghost Bandcamp 2009