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“I just wanted to let you know I love your show… It’s truly in the style of John Peel and so open minded. Thank you for doing it, as it’s a joy to listen to!”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
3:26 Time Unspent War Club I@war_club_band Ultranormal 2022
3:23 Fat Man Nazareth I’m A Freak Baby! 3 Pegasus 1971
3:12 Call Me Punk Fat Earthers @fatearthersband Bored 2022
3:32 Cottage Industry Girls In Synthesis @girlsinsynth The Rest Is Distraction 2022
2:03 BUY BUY BUY Posy bongga ka dai Contraszt! Records @contraszt 2022
5:03 Spiel den Brief Kiev Stingl @KievStingl X R I NUIT Klangbad @klangbad 2022
3:34 Fronni d’Alia No Tongues Ici Ormo records #Ormorecords 2022
3:47 All Those Things We’ll Never Do Sarah Mary Chadwick @SarahMaryChads Flipped It Kill Rock Stars @killrockstars 2022
4:48 Salt Air Ben LaMar Gay w. Tommaso Moretti Certain Reveries International Anthem @intlanthem 2022
13:31 Bold and Undaunted Youth One Leg One Eye @oneleg_oneeye …. And Take The Black Worm With Me Nyahh Records @nyahhrecords 2022
3:43 Elemental Fear Noémi Büchi @noemibuchi Matter -OUS @ous_ooo 2022
2:19 Barrier Attraction cunabear @cunabear – single – BearTooth Collective @BearToothTapes 2022
1:10 Heart Armor Collins Skins Subexotic Records @subexotic 2022
8:19 Prerequisite Network Glass and Jason Crumer Prerequisite Misanthropic Agenda @GerrittWittmer 2022
30:06 A Dream Within A Dream All That We See or Seem All That We See or Seem Miasmah Recordings @_miasmah 2022