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Even the rock takes on un-earthly character as this solar episode takes off…

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
3:52 Walls Jilllorean @jill_lorean This Rock 2022
4:48 Act 3 Cal Folger Day @SiEffDee Piece-dye Dead Lady Records 2022
3:09 Nostalgic For Hope Gad Whip @Gad_Whip Sky Bird Ep 2022
2:53 Chelsea, 1987 al Riggs @alRiggsMusicOk Themselves Horse Complex Records 2022
5:12 heat colony collapse disorder the scientific method Ant-zen @antzen_official 2022
8:22 Pluto J. Peter Schwalm, Stephan Thelen @jpeterschwalm Transneptunian Planets RareNoise @RareNoise 2022
3:32 Blossom Maria Chiara Argirò @M_C_Argiro Forest City Innovative Leisure @ILRecords 2022
3:39 Medieval Path Forever Era @mywaymymurata @jsinkovich Forever Era File 13 Records 2021
6:25 naked intentions ft. @nappynappa, Phew) Model Home Patrick Cain @Patrick61171776 FT @FutureTiming ‘Saturn In The Basement’ Disciples @Discipl36278031 @upsettheetrhythm 2022
5:23 Beautiful Stranger MoE @moepage THE CRONE Vinter Records 2022
3:46 A l’arrache Laurent Pernice & Dominique Beven Le Corps Utopique ADN Records @ADN_Records 2022
4:34 Hibernal Nightports @nightports w/ Tom Herbert @polarbear_uk Nightports w/ Tom Herbert The Leaf Label @TheLeafLabel 2022
12:39 Kyiv Fresco: Elegy for Ukraine Ergo Phizmiz @ergophizmizplc Kyiv Fresco: Elegy for Ukraine 2022
9:28 Pangolin Perverts In White Shirts – nathalie dreier and dave phillips Meaning What Exactly? Misanthropic Agenda @GerrittWittmer 2022