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Joan As Policewoman

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:03 Endless Art A-House Endless Art Setanta 1992
4:18 A Hero’s Death Fontaines D.C. @fontainesdublin A Hero’s Death Partisan @partisanrecords 2020
8:17 Seasick uh EP Prah Recordings @PRAHRecordings 2020
3:51 Chinito en Onda (DDD Remix @denguedengued) Los Mirlos Humos EP Vol.1 Bandcamp 2020
3:54 Chaos Children Boris Hauf @BorisHauf Clark2 Shamelessrocks @shamelessrocks 2020
4:44 Guby Okayannie Sophie Tassignon Mysteries Unfold RareNoise @RareNoise 2020
3:21 I Can Hear You But I Can’t See You Laura Hills >>>>>>Self Isolating Compilation<<<<<< Linear Obsessional @Richard_Linear 2020
7:20 A Certain Compulsion The Grand Gestures @GrandGestures1 The Emma Pollock e.p. @emmaspollock Chute Records @chuterecords 2020
5:30 Trouble Federale No Justice Jealous Butcher Records @JealousButcher 2019
3:10 Goodtown Wagons The Rise And Fall Of Goodtown Bandcamp 2009
4:51 Long Porridge Radio @porridgeradio Every Bad Secretly Canadian @secretlycndian 2020
0:46 Insula Moses Sumney @MosesSumney græ: Part 1 Jagjaguwar @Jagjaguwar 2020
12:07 Helpless (Death Has Taken Everyone) fra fra Funeral Songs Glitterbeat @Glitterbeat_Rec 2020
8:42 Across the Wall and Down With the Ship Svetlost Six Years PMG Jazz 2020
4:21 Tatami Iwashi Gaiamamoo @MehataSML Low Line DiaLog Bandcamp 2020
5:39 04 Past The Floodline Madeleine Cocolas @MaddyCocolas Ithaca Room 40 @room40speaks 2020
6:38 On The Beach Joan As Police Woman @JOANPOLICEWOMAN Cover Two PIAS @piasrecordings 2020


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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:37 The Bridge Sauna Youth The Bridge Bandcamp 2016
5:26 EJ Woods Monster Island House Of Lancaster Self Release 2014
5:30 Itchy Gnomes The Lloyd Pack A Tribute Amish Records 0
3:58 Cristina Teleman Breakfast Mstrd Moshi Moshi 2014
6:28 Summer Dub Bill Callahan Have Fun With God Drag City 2015
5:14 FLA·1 Samuel Kerridge Fatal Light Attraction Downwards Records 2016
5:33 coniferous Prunk Möbel Crustacean Larvae Hovering 2015
2:23 For Gym Rats Martin Rach – Single – CCs 2016
3:41 Sandworm Percolator Guttersnipe Demo 2015
3:54 Fantasize The Scene Circuit des Yeux In Plain Speech Thrill Jockey 2015
2:54 Don’t Look at Me (I Don’t Like It) The Lovely Eggs Cob Dominos 2011
8:25 Time Travelling Crab Krayb David The Crab and the Egg 2016
3:05 Are You Receiving Me (2001 – Remaster) XTC Go 2 Virgin 1978
6:28 The Noisy Days Are Over Field Music Commontime Memphis Industries 2016
2:23 Partytime (Jitter Buggin) Little Shalimar Rubble Kings: The Album (Clean) Mass Appeal 0
3:23 ripper wave the narrow musketeer the narrow musketeer Vulpiano Records 2016
4:30 time1plus2b AGF @poemproducer _if_true~time[x]1+2=you._ Bandcamp 2016
3:38 Good Lava Esperanza Spalding Emily’s D+Evolution Concord 2016
3:59 Song To The Siren Lights That Change 0
1:51 Colloidal Salad (w Zeroplusplacebo) Bill Corsello – Promo – 2015
5:43 The Devil’s Lexicon Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge Gonwards Ape House 2012
6:52 Jimmy Does the Shimmy The Chewers Live at Exit/In 2016
3:39 Maximum Zoe Zac Maximum Metal Postcard 2016
5:32 Altered Noh Gaiamamoo Benkei no Maki 2016
2:16 Hashtag IRL Throwing Shade House Of Silk Ninja Tune 2015
2:43 it’s spring Swoop Swoop Somewhere In The Shadows Metal Postcard 0