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Respite from the world of power brokers from the world of music

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:14 Whatever Forever Sego @sego_music Sego Sucks Roll Call Records @rollcallrecords 2019
3:02 These Are Dangerous Times Dragon Welding Dragon Welding A Turntable Friend Records @TURNTABLEFRIEND 2019
4:30 Mexicans R.O.C @ROCmusicdotcom Bile & Celestial Beauty 2019
5:02 Memetic Magic Of X Mchy I Porosty The Dead Pterodactyl Kikimora Tapes 2019
4:37 Jazz Piggy tik///tik An Early Winter Deathbomb Arc @deathbombarc ? 2018
3:48 Black Milk Baby MC Homeless @rustbelthammer1 Sex and Death Fake Four @FakeFour 2018
7:15 Sex, Love and Cooking Oscillator So Beast Kira Time Released Sound @trs2016_ ? 2016
3:22 Discourse Sleaford Mods @SleafordMods @extnddntwrk @fit_as_fuc Eton Alive Extreme Eating 2019
4:23 Demons Drop The Hero A Picture Of Good Health 2018
3:54 Body language The Finks Rolly Nice Remote Control @rcontrol 2018
3:53 Extend The Song ft. Laetitia Sadier @SadierLae Von Spar @von_spar Under Pressure Bureau B @bureaublabel 2019
2:22 Satdeenight Ready Ernest Moon @ErnestMoonMusic Ba-jesus 2019
2:26 Duke DUKE Nyege Nyege Tapes Pamoja Records 2019
0:40 Cancero Hannah Silva @HannahSilvaUK Talk in a bit 2018