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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:14 Fugacité Vision 3D Vision 3D Six Tonnes De Chair Records @6tonnesdechair 2019
4:49 Small Town Death Joyero @joyeromusic Release the Dogs Merge Records @mergerecords 2019
1:20 Sad Song Of A Singer Songwriter JD Meatyard @meatyard_jd Live at the Eagle 2015 Bandcamp 2019
12:32 Stolen Things (The Creeping Things Remix) Paul Rooney – single – Owd Scrat Records 2019
3:58 Wild Heart Ada Lea @ADALEAMUSIC What We Say In Private Saddle Creek @saddlecreek 2019
6:32 Caruma-Carlos Bica I Daniel Erdmann I Dj Illvibe-I am the Escapade One Carlos Bica / Daniel Erdmann / DJ Illvibe I am the Escapade One Clean Feed @shhpuma 2019
6:30 Claim It Klein @kleinrus Lifetime 2019
3:58 Lions Jenny Hval @jennyhval The Practice Of Love Sacred Bones @SacredBones 2019
4:46 Towards Self Exile Alessio Dutto Blurred Boundaries Midira Records 2019
3:58 Home/Snakes Scratch Match – Single – Bandcamp 2019
1:45 Big Fontaines D.C. Big (single) Partisan @partisanrecords 2019