“Don’t much like you or your show, but I sometimes find something good and think why don’t you play more of that?”

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Time Song Artist Album Label Year Notes
2:24 You Still Around Pink Mountaintops @pinkmtps Peacock Pools ATO @ATORecords 2022
5:22 Ipersfera relazionale (l’assoluto remix) – Foria Il Wedding Kollektiv Il Wedding Kollektiv & female friends play SOUP https://ilweddingkollektiv.bandcamp.com/ 2022
4:27 Now Suspended @deepchild Fathersong MILLE PLATEAUX° Official @milleplateaux1 2022
4:47 free fallen ft. Michael R. Bernstein Model Home @NAPPYNAPPA A Saturn Compilation Disciples @Discipl36278031 2022
5:44 Elevation Mondkopf @Mondkopf Spring Stories Miasmah Recordings @_miasmah 2022
9:31 Pulling Teeth Girls In Synthesis @girlsinsynth Konsumrausch https://girlsinsynthesis.bandcamp.com/ 2022
1:50 Trials Pineapple Trials Metal Postcard @metalpostcard1 2022
5:09 Outsides J. Zunz Del Aire Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2022
5:04 Mornaal Tegh & Adel Poursamadi @Shahin_entezami Ima ???? Injazero Records @injazerorecords 2022
4:42 Discorde part II Nastyjoe @wearenastyjoe Deep side of happiness A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records 2022
5:05 L’homme à tête de cheval François Robin & Mathias Delplanque L’ombre de la bête Parenthèses Records @ParenthesesRec 2022
1:17 Mumurations Over the Moor Alison Cotton @alison__cotton The Portrait You Painted of Me Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2021
11:37 Ein Krieg in einem Kind Martin Küchen i@martinkuchen Utopia thanatosis 2022
15:13 the error-controlled regulator Tapage recursive behaviors Ant-zen @antzen_official 2022
9:50 Ritual Remix by Christina Giannone Robert Takahashi Crouch @RobertTCrouch Ritual Variations Room40 @room40speaks 2022

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