Jess Joy

“Calling this show ‘eclectic’ doesn’t do it justice… collected, curated, composed –  through a dizzying number of sources… possibly the best independent show out there.”

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here’s the latest playlist:

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:21 Rats Benefits @Benefitstheband – Single – 2021
3:45 Burnin’ Blue Hemi Hemingway @hemihemingway The Lonely Hunter [EP] PNKSLM Recordings (Echo Three) 2021
3:12 True Blue You 299 @299official ‘The 299 Game’ PNKSLM @pnkslm 2021
5:24 Holy Ground Melvin Gibbs @melvingibbs 4 + 1 equals 5 for May 25 Northern Spy Records @northernspyrecs 2021
2:27 Killa Sound NoLay @OfficialNolay Ft. DJ Zinc @djzinc Big Trouble In Little London Link Up 2015
3:14 betwixt between jess joy @jessjoymagic PATREEARCHY Joyful Noise Recordings @joyfulnoiserecs 2021
3:50 Come Sissel Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan Inner Lift Chant Records @chant_records 2021
5:07 En DejligTid På året Blod Missväxt Grapefruit Records @badabingrecords 2021
5:46 Fake Horse (Golden Diskó Ship cover) Hotel Kali Hotel Kali Antime @ANTIME2012 2021
4:20 time FAUZIA @itsFAUZIA @DJFauzia – Single – 2021
3:59 Persona normal Hanging Freud @HangingFreud Persona Normal Tiny Box 2021
4:22 Lottery of Inheritance EXEK @soundexek Good Thing they Ripped up the Carpet Lulus Sonic Disc Club @lulusmelb 2021
2:04 The Raid Shrapnel @shrapnelmusic Alasitas Tenth Court @tenthcourt 2021
1:36 Path Of Glory Rudimentary Peni @rudimentarypeni Great War La Vida Es Un Mus @LAVIDAESUNMUS 2021
14:50 The Ballad of SW19 The Grand Gestures @GrandGestures1 The Sanjeev Kohli e.p. @govindajeggy Chute Records @chuterecords 2020
10:33 Constant Green Matt Christensen Constant Green Miasmah Recordings @_miasmah 2021
16:00 Sonamos Juana Molina @soyjuanamolina Segundo (Remastered) Crammed Discs @CrammedDiscs 2021

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