IMOJP Festive Fifty One – Part Two – Podcast & Playlist

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Part Two

The listener voted selections counting down from #33 to #12

In Memory of John Peel Show – bringing the best new music to you in association with  KFFP FM & on patreon  GET behind what you believe in rebroadcast all over the planet to independent stations

(RSS)Pod-Subscribe for free here or embed/listen at podomatic – itunes here’s the latest playlist from #33 to #12

Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
6:14 Outsider Love Ballad No. 1 ft. Katie Von Schleicher @katiecanthang Roy Montgomery @roydivision1 Suffuse Ba Da Bing! @badabingrecords 2018
4:58 The Bomb Daniel Blumberg Minus Mute Records @MuteUK ? 2018
3:34 Who Makes The Wars? JD Meatyard @meatyard_jd The Batchain Pullers Probe Plus @ProbePlus 2018
3:15 In My View Young Fathers @youngfathers Cocoa Sugar Ninja Tune @ninja 2018
2:59 Work Life Out To Keep Life In Thom Ashworth @thomashworth Hollow 2017
2:32 Baby I’m Bleeding JPEGMAFIA @darkskinmanson Veteran Deathbomb Arc @deathbombarc ? 2018
2:45 But I Dont Know About Frankie Jack Hayter @JackHayter1 Abbey Wood Gare Du Nord Records @GareDuNordUK 2018
5:32 Wastelands Suede @thelondonsuede The Blue Hour Warner Music 2018
6:02 In The Morning -feat Anna Roberts-Gevalt @aecrankies Stick In The Wheel @StickInTheWheel This And The Memory of This From Here Records 2018
5:11 Bone Ladder Hannah Silva @HannahSilvaUK Talk in a bit Human Kind Records @KindRecords 2018
5:47 Fly Low @lowtheband Double Negative Sub Pop @subpop 2018
3:49 Virginia Rambler Anna & Elizabeth @aecrankies The Invisible Comes to Us Smithsonian Folkways @Folkways 2018
3:58 Need A Little Time Courtney Barnett @courtneymelba Tell Me How You Really Feel Milk Records @milk_records 2018
5:22 Wiggy Giggy The Lovely Eggs @TheLovelyEggs This is Eggland Egg Records 2018
3:53 (I’m Tired of) Western Shouting MIEN @MMMIIIEEENNN MIEN Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2018
5:00 Do The Right Thing Echolocation @echolocation_uk Obfuscation For the Nation Haunted By Fame 2018
3:51 Brean Down BEAK> >>> Invada @invadauk 2018
3:55 The Omen Camp Cope @sideshowkelso How to Socialise & Make Friends Run For Cover @rfcrecords 2018
7:11 Thomswood Hill The Cold Spells @TheColdSpells – …. . / -.-. — .-.. -.. / … .–. . .-.. … Gare Du Nord Records @GareDuNordUK 2018
4:53 Oh no… not again! Ben LaMar Gay Downtown Castles Can Never Block The Sun International Anthem @intlanthem 2018
5:36 Alternative Facts Echolocation @echolocation_uk Obfuscation For the Nation Haunted By Fame 2018
56:40 Body The Necks Body Fish Of Milk 2018

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