In Memory Of John Peel Show: 20181128 Podcast & Playlist

Posted: November 29, 2018 in Uncategorized
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From the heights of upbeat dance to the depths of being caught hunting fowl – a feast.

In Memory of John Peel Show – bringing the best new music to you in association with  KFFP FM & on patreon  GET behind what you believe in rebroadcast all over the planet to independent stations

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:32 Malkaus The Dandelion Every Other Day Six Tonnes De Chair Records @6tonnesdechair 2018
3:23 Cat June Rose Droll @rosedroll Your Dog 2018
6:02 In The Morning -feat Anna Roberts-Gevalt @aecrankies Stick In The Wheel @StickInTheWheel This And The Memory of This From Here Records 2018
5:05 II Jeffrey Larson 414 – 4 Track Studies Linear Obsessional @Richard_Linear 2018
1:18 Chasing the Train {118 and 4/4} Mid-Air Machine Redolence ~ Piano-centric Compositions 2018
2:51 Mathematician Zoe Zac Visoiu @ZoeZac76 – Single – 2018
7:28 Ocean Song Daughters @daughters_band You Wont Get What You Want Ipecac @IpecacRec 2018
3:34 Who Makes The Wars? JD Meatyard @meatyard_jd The Batchain Pullers 2018
3:39 Don’t Tell Me Where You’re Going Frog @heyitsfrog Whatever We Probably Already Had It Audio Antihero @audioantihero 2018
7:05 Rambling Boys Notes Inegales & Sam Lee @samleesong Van Dieman’s Land club inégales @clubinegales 2018
1:51 La otra mitad Refree La Otra Mitad (The Other Half) Tak:Til @Glitterbeat_Rec 2018
3:49 Sleepers Exploded View @ExplodedViewBnd Obey Sacred Bones @SacredBones 2018
2:37 Peur de Vivre Tout Bleu Tout Bleu Les Disques Bongo @BongoJoeRecords 2018
1:47 Hocus Pocus MIEN @MMMIIIEEENNN MIEN Rocket Recordings @RocketRecording 2018

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