In Memory Of John Peel Show Apr 10th – Podcast & Playlist

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Through the melodic to the idiosynchratic, and the thunderous – new Wire & White Hills

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:13 Bania Nour Eddine Fatty Traditional Songs #Morocco Arc Music 0
4:21 Poised On A Balcony’s Edge Dave Migman The March Pt 1: The Waves Began The Night 2014
3:51 Space Exiles Dub Chieftain Penninsular Sessions Metal Postcard 2015
3:49 £SD or USB White Hills Walks For Motorists Thrill Jockey 2015
2:45 Ashtray! Ashtray! Die! Die! Die! Spring 2015 Sampler #Ireland Small Town America 0
3:19 You Don’t Own Me Grace feat. G-Eazy You Don’t Own Me #Australia-RCA 0
5:15 All My Mind Lauryn Peacock Euphonia 2015
4:29 2. Gone Too Far Kev Choice Love And Revolution Mind Over Matter 2015
2:12 (RACE)MMF ????????? DICK 4: ??????? #Ghana -judaism.bandcamp 2014
3:10 Still Runnin Young Fathers White Men Are Black Men Too (Clean) Big Dada 0
4:18 Anaconda Flow Legowelt Anaconda Flow Technicolour 2015
5:08 Cover Up (Ft. Kid Koala) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Only Run Self Release 2014
5:56 ClapOne Seams Quarters Full Time Hobby 2013
10:37 Lurgy Mvt 4: Meta-Lurgy Neil Thornock Between The Lines New Focus 2014
4:59 A5 Imagination Ravioli Me Away The inevitable Album Good Job Records 2015
5:40 No Morning Comes 4 Guys From The Future Adagio Tambourhinoceros 2013
3:46 Blogging Wire Wire PInk Flag 2015
8:53 Lead the Way White Hills Walks For Motorists Thrill Jockey 2015
4:48 The Prize Arto Lindsay The Encyclopedia of Arto Lindsay Northern-Spy Records 2014
2:36 Good Morning Mary Streaky Jake Streaky Jake: What’s Wrong….. Nothing Metal Postcard 2013
5:33 Hume On Religion BroodingSideOfMadness Lezet ‘2″‘ Bandcamp: Classwar Karaoke 2015
3:32 Everyone Alive Wants Answers Colleen Everyone Alive Wants Answers The Leaf Label (Fr/Japan) 2003
4:00 Graveyard Song Part 1 Funeral Parade Sacred Bones Records 2015
3:13 What’s Wrong With Your Boy USA Nails Spring 2015 Sampler Small Town America 0
1:57 Hideous Ethnic Stereotype Flare Acoustic Arts League Big Top/Encore Affairs Of The Heart 2011

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