In Memory Of John Peel Show Apr 3rd – Podcast & Playlist

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That’s Natalia Kamia in the picture !  From the light to the dark depths, then up again, then… starring death grips new album

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
2:32 Gotta Get Some Music Beat Spacek Modern Streets Ninja Tune 0
5:17 Up My Sleeves Death Grips The Powers That B Third Worlds/Harvest 2015
5:22 Tiny Black Drone (Rockets Aimed True) True Deceiver True Deceiver Bandcamp 2015
5:34 I Wrote A Story About You, Without You Jonah Parzen-Johnson Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow Primary Records 2015
3:31 The Separation Ceremony – single – Matador Records 0
2:43 Blizzard 1989 (unreleased) Frank Black and the Catholics The Complete Recordings – Disk 1 Cooking Vinyl 2014
4:21 The Kinetic Family Flare Acoustic Arts League Big Top/Encore Affairs Of The Heart 2011
6:40 Moss Plectrum Steve Moyes Classwar Karaoke – 0021 Survey Linear Obsessional 2013
5:08 Etude No 1 Dullea, Mary Piano Recital Metier 2015
3:02 Strong as a Blast DRUIDA Yuca Sounds 3 – Condenados a la Oscuridad 2015
4:52 Whats It About Ravioli Me Away The inevitable Album Good Job Records 0
3:41 Social Pressures Attic Ted Marginalized Pecan Crazy Records 2014
6:02 A Special Light David Macbride, Benjamin Toth A Special Light Innova 0
7:09 The Waves Begin The Night Dave Migman The March Pt 1: The Waves Began The Night 2014
2:53 Birds of Barclay Street Philip Edward Fisher Sean HICKEY : Cursive Ampersand Dolmen Ostinato Grosso Pied a Terre Reckoning (Fisher Sakharo~1 Delos 0
3:48 Billy Not Really Death Grips The Powers That B Third Worlds/Harvest 2015
2:59 Black Quarterback Death Grips The Powers That B Third Worlds/Harvest 2015
2:16 Hallo Jumbo Aalscholver Riot Aalscholver Riot Bandcamp 2014
3:27 Your Profound Self-Doubt Corey Dargel OK It’s Not OK New Amsterdam 2015
3:10 Square (live solo piano) Mitski Bury Me At Makeout Creek (Deluxe Edition) Don Giovanni Records 2015
2:53 I’ve Done This Before Streaky Jake Streaky Jake: What’s Wrong….. Nothing Metal Postcard 2013
3:54 Bradford Eberhard Weber Encore ECM 2015
3:20 cistern 00 jucumari sabotage Kamikuma The Sound of FAG ASH – Volume 1 #Russia 2012
8:08 The View From Here The Scrapes The Scrapes All Is Number Records 2015
1:35 Memo GOLD-BEARS Dalliance Slumberland 2014
3:33 Does This Sound Appealing? Flare Acoustic Arts League Big Top/Encore Affairs Of The Heart 2011
4:32 Sensibility (Subatomic Sound System Dub) Archives Rhythm & Dub Rhythm & Culture 2014
3:27 The Verb Robert Wyatt Solar Flares Burn for You Cuneiform Records 2003
0:21 Œthe radiation isn‚t an anomaly, it‚s the clue‚ ld&co the just-world phenomenon Silber Media 2015
  1. ld says:

    wonderful as always!

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