In Memory Of John Peel Show Apr 17th – Podcast & Playlist

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Squarepusher Art

Rockers Rappers Poets and noisy Classical Types all clash on this week’s edition, Square Pusher? Next week.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:43 Coming Down (Ft. Matt Berninger) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Only Run Self Release 2014
2:07 Privacy Arto Lindsay The Encyclopedia of Arto Lindsay Northern-Spy Records 2014
2:55 I’M GONE Wild Smiles Always Tomorrow Sunday Best Recordings 0
7:31 Softer Echolocation Softer Haunted By Fame 2015
3:28 IvyBench Steve Moyes Gardening 2012
2:47 Shy Women The Weather Station Loyalty Paradise of Bachelors 2015
3:56 What Do You Call a Woman Esmé Patterson What Do You Call a Woman – Single Greater Than Collective! 2015
5:46 Gordon: Rewriting Beethoven’s Symphony #7 – Part 1 Jonathan Nott: Bamberg Symphony Orchestra Gordon: Dystopia (Live) Cantaloupe 2015
5:36 TIPPER VS. JOHNNY CASH ( COTXETXE MASHUP ) Kotxetxe – Promo – 0
5:18 Chlidren Talking Aphex Twin Hangable Auto Bulb EP 1982
4:37 Turned Off Death Grips The Powers That B Third Worlds/Harvest 2015
2:09 SpanHebrish Kosha Dillz “Span Hebrish” 0
4:12 Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me Ghostpoet Shedding Skin PIAS 2014
2:51 The Carousel Of Whining Flies Dave Migman The March Pt 1: The Waves Began The Night 2014
10:03 A Song About Romance Like a Villain Bast 2014
4:52 Mustangs Mr. Gnome The Heart of a Dark Star El Marko Records 2014
3:32 Nite Nite Courtesy Slow Bruise Moon Glyph 2015
3:12 Brighter Moments Guatemala Grey Literature #Australia Duskdarter 2012
3:50 Repeat Led #10 Los Dientes Hundidos en la Garganta Yuca Sounds 3 – Condenados a la Oscuridad 2015
3:46 Barras Browser Dub Chieftain Memos From The Dub Grotto 0
4:06 Great Headless Blank Makeunder Great Headless Blank 0
4:43 Differently, Still BADBADNOTGOOD III @ILRecords 2014
3:57 A Fools Paradise Elifantree Movers and Shakers #Finland -Eclipse 2015
4:09 Dreaming of Deaf in the Afterlife Bruxism Classwar Karaoke – 0029 Survey 2015
4:56 contemporaryWESTERNIZED AGF Westernization Completed Orthlorng Musork 2003
3:27 Speedweed Future Death Special Victim Bloodmoss Records 2014
2:21 Vote For Me Dummy Guided By Voices Motivational Jumpsuit GBV Inc. 2013

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