In Memory Of John Peel Show Oct 3rd – Podcast & Playlist

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Just like John Peel did it. Feautring Major new releases from Tony Allen & Richard There, plus World first of new Mutombo Da Poet of Ghana & much more…

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:46 July Baby Bird Ugly Beautiful 1996
4:22 All the Rage Back Home Interpol El Pintor Matador Records 2014
3:39 23 Echolocation Pariah EP Haunted By Fame 2014
1:56 Echo Location Deaf Wish Deaf Wish 2014
3:36 Boring Girls Pissed Jeans Shallow Sub Pop 2014
5:26 Marbelcore Andreas Schaerer, Lucas Niggli Arcanum Intakt 2014
5:26 Tidhar The Touré-Raichel Collective The Paris Session Cumbancha 2014
6:41 Moving On Tony Allen Film of Life Jazz Village 2014
3:29 Gets Better Mutombo Da Poet – Promo – #Ghana 2014
4:05 More a Kid (pr. w/Robedoor) True Neutral Crew #POPPUNK Deathbomb Arc 2014
4:15 These Are The Words Tom Ellard 80s Cheesecake #Australia-Dark Entries 2014
3:45 This Is My Hand My Brightest Diamond This Is My Hand Asthmatic Kitty Records 2014
5:08 A Little Bit less Richard There Less Is Less Self Release 2014
9:21 Serene Velocity Golden Retriever Occupied With The Unspoken 2012
3:02 On A Level Wiley On A Level 2014
3:11 180db Aphex Twin Syro Warp 2014
4:12 Ventolin Halasan Bazar & Tara King th. 8 #France #Denmark -Moon Glyph 2014
3:55 Some Sort of Overture Cars & Trains Rusty String Circle Into Square 2007
7:10 lighthouse on the way home How How Knick-Knack 2 #Poland 2014
1:21 Breakdiscodance Can Can Heads Butter Life 2014
3:20 Doom Deerhoof La Isla Bonita Polyvinyl Records 2014
3:50 Perfect Wilderness Afternoons Say Yes Eenie Meenie 2014
3:48 20 Years Tall Sego 20 Years Tall 2014
2:32 Shovel Bill Corsello Fb: William Corsello 2014
7:51 Homage Gann, Kyle/Dargel, Corey/Ensemble IOU HALLE J Outrages and Interludes (Dhegrae Dargel Tower Graeber) Innova 2014
0:54 FOKN Eating Sheep FOKN Bois FOKN Wit Ewe 2012

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