In Memory Of John Peel Show Oct 10th – Podcast & Playlist

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From King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & Primus & the Chocolate Factory … to Japan’s Mehata Sentimental Legend. Impossible – listen in… Just like John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
7:05 Am I In Heaven? King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard I’m In Your Mind Fuzz Castle Face/ Heavenly Recordings 0
4:25 Candy Man Primus Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble MP3 ATO 2014
5:03 A Favourite Place Ergo Phizmiz Some Folk Can FMA/Cc 2014
7:06 Bestial Burden Pharmakon Bestial Burden Sacred Bones 2014
5:11 Flatus Sanus SOLAR SKELETONS (C80 K7 tape) SOLKAN001 “Limbus subliM” #Belgium 2011
3:16 Lonnie Listen Tricky Adrian Thaws False Idols / !K7 2014
3:13 Internal Migration Mutombo Da Poet PHOTOSENTENCES #Ghana 2012
4:46 Boat Journey Tony Allen Film of Life #Nigeria -Jazz Village 2014
6:42 Islamatic Ki Di Me Bay Area Retrograde (BART) Vol. 2 Dark Entries 2014
2:25 never going outside again goodnight lamplight goodnight lamplight / shereen elizabeth split 2014
3:07 Vessel Dan Mangan + Blacksmith Vessel / Wants Arts & Crafts 2014
4:29 Glasses (feat. Schaffer The Darklord) Coolzey Hit Factory Fake Four 2013
4:24 Clouds The Van Allen Belt Heaven on a Branch Nonstop Everything Records 2014
5:03 Cherry River Line Mike & Cara Gangloff Black Ribbon Of Death, Silver Thread of Life MIE Music 0
4:25 Iron Waves Peak The Tiny Pinpricks Of Fame Unreleased 0
4:00 Dear One Richard There Less Is Less Bandcamp 0
2:58 The Village Choir Asks the Important Questions of the Day Paul Dolden Dolden: Who Has the Biggest Sound? Starkland 2014
6:45 Metre pt 3 Simon Mathewson Metre FMA/Creative Commons 2014
3:23 Solidified Electricity Bill Corsello Fb: William Corsello 0
3:59 Town Feeling Dan Melchior und Das Menace Hunger Castle Face 2014
3:54 Reactor Nots We Are Nots Goner Records 0
4:23 The Known Unknown The Skull Defekts Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown Sweden-Thrill Jockey 2014
3:51 Move Along _ Down The Road Medicine Home Everywhere Captured Tracks 2014
3:14 Gray (Fluss Remix) Lynchy dada Gray France- Emerald & Doreen Records 2014
4:08 Noum-Hisyou-Jyaodori Mehata Sentimental Legend Noum Zeccyou #Japan- Mind Plug Records 2013

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