In Memory Of John Peel Show Sep 19th – Podcast & Playlist

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Just like John Peel did it. A startling show, featuring new releases by big guns Aphex Twin and Moonface, and bridging from country to disharmonics

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
3:43 Work Work (Feat. Cocc Pistol Cree) clipping. CLPPNG Sub Pop 2014
0:58 fz pseudotimestretch+e+3 Aphex Twin Syro Warp 2014
10:31 XMAS_EVET10 Aphex Twin Syro Warp 2014
1:11 The Unloved (skit) Tricky Adrian Thaws False Idols / !K7 2014
6:22 Maybe Sylvain Rifflet and Jon Irabagon Perpetual Motion (A Celebration of Moondog) Jazz Village 2014
3:59 I’m Thinking of a Number Mission Creep On the Sea of Suns Wire Records 2014
3:32 To Surya and Chandrama Siamgda Tremors #India – Mind Plug Records 2014
4:32 Jerk Driver Peter Gregson Gabriel Prokofiev: Selected Classical Works 2003-2012 Non-Classical 2014
5:00 Parakeet Dan Melchior und Das Menace Hunger Castle Face 2014
2:04 I’ll Wait (again and again) Bee Tricks Bee Tricks 2014
3:00 Shake Cy Dune Shake Lightning Records 2014
4:22 Charlotte The Juan Maclean In A Dream DFA 2014
3:27 Crocodiie owtn™ (pr. Franz Snake) #Japan- omoidelabel 2014
4:06 Running in Place with Everyone Moonface City Wrecker Jagjaguwar 2014
3:44 Nammanki Haten Mehata Sentimental Legend Majica EP #Japan- Mind Plug Records 2012
4:46 Parade Mutombo Da Poet PHOTOSENTENCES #Ghana 2012
3:10 Loads Homeboy Sandman Hallways Stones Throw 2014
3:33 Why Don’t You Tricky Adrian Thaws False Idols / !K7 2014
4:21 Snitch Nation w/ Ceschi sole Pattern Of Life Bandcamp 2014
4:13 Different Shade of Red Austin Lucas Stay Reckless NEW WEST Records 2014
2:25 A Broken Memory Cold Specks Neuroplasticity #Canada Mute 2014
8:52 The Captain Asks for a Show of Hands: 7 Testimonies Victor Poison Tete Facts About Water (Guy Barash) Innova 2014
3:22 Que Sera (Phonovisions Symphonic Version) Wax Tailor Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra Le Plan Recordings 2014
2:59 Phillipic Bill Corsello Fb: William Corsello 2014
1:11 Pagans Protomartyr Under Color of Official Right Hardly Art 2014
10:34 Daughter of a Dove Moonface City Wrecker Jagjaguwar 2014
1:37 Salamanca Oval O Thrill Jockey 2010

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