In Memory Of John Peel Show Sep 12th – Podcast & Playlist

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The impossible journey from Mathewson through Blouse, True Natural Crew to JacobTV is just the start. Sit back and marvel… No talkovers – Just like John Peel did it.

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Time Song Artist Album Nation-Label Year
4:34 Banjo Simon Mathewson Electric/Elektroz/Electrisk 2014
7:16 Dissolver Squarepusher x Z-Machines Music For Robots 2014
2:31 Stereolab The Proper Ornaments Wooden Head Slumberland Records 2014
3:44 1000 Years Blouse Imperium Captured Tracks 2014
2:13 Wild Mann Cy Dune Shake Lightning Records 2014
4:08 Dungeon Blues Dan Melchior und Das Menace Hunger 2014
2:32 America the Beautiful Homeboy Sandman Hallways Stones Throw 2014
5:20 A2onality Signor Benedick The Moor El Negro Deathbomb Arc 2014
3:04 New Shit (prod. w/ Boo Hiss) True Neutral Crew #POPPUNK Deathbomb Arc 2014
6:28 Adorate child Lo’Jo 310 Lunes, Photographie d’un objet sonore World Village 2014
3:06 Bird’s Lament Sylvain Rifflet and Jon Irabagon Perpetual Motion (A Celebration of Moondog) Jazz Village 2014
8:40 The Body Of Your Dreams Sandra & Jeroen Van Veen JacobTV – Complete Solo Piano Music BrIlliant Classics 2014
0:44 Sorry Simon Mathewson Osseoperception 2013
15:00 the introvert microorganism Amplidyne Effect Across the Mountains #Macedonia Silber Media 2014
3:58 Jack in a box Bee Tricks Bee Tricks #France 2014
4:09 Same Town, New Story Interpol El Pintor Matador Records 2014
5:11 I am not the Bad Guy My Brightest Diamond This Is My Hand Asthmatic Kitty Records 2014
5:21 The Flow Melanie De Biasio Devourer Of Men PiaS 2014
3:52 Bad On The Bottle Bago @_bagogo 2014
4:05 Leapfrog Bill Corsello Fb: William Corsello 2014
2:39 Hunger Dan Melchior und Das Menace Hunger 2014
5:02 Sevens Dark Horses Hail Lucid State #Brighton-Last Gang Records 2014
3:12 My Special Party Ergo Phizmiz and his Orchestra plays Aphex Twin 2010
2:32 Dream / Dve Nevesti Moira Smiley & Voco Laughter Out Of Tears 2013
3:24 Import/Export – Import/Export: Voyage II: Engine Multiplier Powerplant Gabriel Prokofiev: Selected Classical Works 2003-2012 Non-Classical 2014

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